Between you, me and the ironing board

As my fellow survivors know, Stroke creates lots of frustrations. Things that were easy become hard or well nigh impossible. We have had an ironing board for at least twenty years, but it is quite heavy and although I can put it up and take it down, it requires effort and a certain technique. In order to make things easier for me, my partner suggested we buy a new one. So off we went and settled for a new ergonomic ironing board with a simple lever which, when raised, lowers the legs instantly and therefore can be put up in seconds.

Once home, I realise that lifting the said lever requires me to use my weak hand and is therefore far from easy. Putting up the new board is a bit like wrestling with a python. However, I decided there must be a way to make it easier. The solution was simple....stand the other side of the board and use good hand to lift the lever and thevweak hand to steady the board. Bingo! It worked and was just as easy to close from the same position after ironing.

As most of you know, where there’s a will, there’s a way and, fortunately, I found it. Persistence pays off.

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