-- Better Off Dead? -- no to Assisted Suicide -- an issue important to us all --

Keep Britain Free from Fear for those with Physical and Mental Disability

– A Must Watch –

This concerns us all.

Liz Carr online documentary (58 minutes) available on the link below for 11 months

Also repeated


Next Wednesday 02:50


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@DeAnn and any other viewing this

I urge you to view the video at the other end of the link above.
It is of great relevance to anyone who is affected by disability.

It is a long watch, 58 minutes, but should not be ignored.

It concerns the general state of affairs in this country and also the well being of all.

I would even say ignore the issue at your peril.

Open discussion is the only way forward, with the reservation that this might not be the best place for this debate.

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08:25 19/05/2024 Bobbi


Will watch when done my chores, felt for years it shouldn’t be a taboo. Go along with Peter Pan, who I think said death will be a really big adventure, we must rid ourselves of the nonsense religious types peddle



Liz Carr is an actress who had a part in a sort of police/forensic science crime drama on a television series here.

Her concern is that the introduction of ‘assisted suicide’ as a legal procedure is very worrying as it could open the door to an easy way of unburdening society of those it consider ‘too far gone’ to be of any use.

The thought of that frightens her and it frightens me.

It is feasible that actions we do not want could be taken ‘for our good’ when we are judged to not be in a state fit to decide for ourselves after which we will no longer be in a position to protest or disagree because we will have by then been ‘assisted’.

Watch the video and you might understand the message and the issue I am drawing to your attention and also of concern to all who read here.

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Continuing the discussion from – Better Off Dead? – no to Assisted Suicide – an issue important to us all –:

I’ve just finished watching it. UK Column reported something on MAID in 2022 and I remember it from there. Here’s a link : Canada's expanding euthanasia laws: Making the unthinkable thinkable again | UKColumn
(might be a bit controversial for some).

There is so much to talk about on so many different levels. I believe Liz Carr is right to be concerned.



In addition this disregard for life has become apparent on our streets with the lethal arming of our police force.

What happened to the right to a fair trial, innocent until pronounced guilty in a court of law and the removal of the death penalty?

We now have armed men wandering our streets permitted to execute citizens accidentally or otherwise without any prior recourse to law. Explanations or apologies after the event are all we are left with in a very unsafe world.

Do we aspire to the situation in America where going to the shops or answering the front door necessitates having a pistol or some such weapon within reach?

In my view this is a total breakdown of our system of law and order under which I have safely lived for a lifetime of approaching eighty years.

My life and inevitable death will probably mark a golden period that may never return. Very sad.

Arms manufacturers must be rubbing their hands together in anticipation of expanding profits and rapidly disappearing peace.

– not sure I want to say keep on keepin’ on.

Maybe what I want to say is:

STOP and think !!!

I don’t want to use this forum as a political platform, so without apology, I will withdraw from this discussion.



The haste with which such things can be ‘tidied up’ is for some a cause for great distress, but when it is done as Kenny Everett would have said, “In the best possible taste,” who of caring disposition could express concerns.

Please forgive my macabre sense of things. Which things do seem to be proceeding somewhat askew, I’d like to add.

I think we are okay, as long as we don’t descend into hate speech.

Of course one man’s speech can itself be a cause for opprobrium and censorship, though whether censorship is hateful is open to a range of interpretations.

One man’s meat is indeed another man’s poison. I must though hasten to add that phrase is not intended as a slur on the fairer sex.

As John Lennon once said, “Happiness is a warm gun.”
“Bang bang, shoot shoot.”

Thank you @CommunityAdmin

It is with delight I correct my post hoping that this new version does not arouse more disapproval.

If it does, I will most certainly try to edit and somehow produce a post that pleases everyone.

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Oh come on DeAnn I for one am glad that you are a part of my world. It would have been dreadful to have missed the conversations we have shared. As for economics, I am sure you give more in value than could be expected. I am quite sure there is room for you in this world and I am certain I am not the only one who thinks that.

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Look ! All I want to know is:

what’s wrong with my ginger bread?

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How is this conversation ‘on topic’ yet one on the use of language in communities so off topic that you deleted it?

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My reply to this thread has been held

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Suicide is surely an inalienable right

Religion if we extract the worship of a deity whose existence is convenient for those in power and unprovable in any context; is the codification of traditional procedures to guide life’s journey from marriage through children to death and from birth to death and sits alongside those conventions that interpret the journey for communities through their life-cycles too - judicial systems, rights, common good, et al

Social constructs that blend pragmatism with accepted but otherwise unprovable cause & effect propositions - such as the sacrifices too deities who will in turn grant good crops, or the damnation to eternal flames of a soul were explanations of the past now known for the material irrelevance and not yet replaced on the side of emotional relevance for some.

The arguement that assisted suicide is equivalent to the mass genocide of all who are inconvenient for some other member of society has an ounce of relevance mixed with a ton of emotional arguement bias. Ditto attempts to discuss wealth or knives and guns or drugs or sugar alcohol and salt or a myriad other topics.

Perhaps it all just comes down to emotional response to change which is fear of loss and yet all progress is through change

I support anything that increases anyone and everyone’s right to self-determination and freedom from adhearing to another person’s dictates or harming another is to be welcomed

But they’re in lies the dichotomy. When there are divergent truths that cannot exist a simultaneously we arrive at politics and rather than rational decisions we get bias, spin, ad hominem attacks - (and who is to say what one person’s rationality or irrationality is except the author of the thought¿?)

These questions have no absolute answers merely opinions.

Mine is that the right to do with one’s life as one wishes including end it belongs to the individual, that stories of damnation are lies and that’s abuse is possible, is not a new danger & will need guarded against as indeed it already is.


Happy days to all,

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How is it a posts that are liked so clearly supported by the community are then flagged and disappear?

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That’s why I wasn’t going to join in on the discussion, I didn’t want to craft a post and then have it hidden from the thread of conversation. I think because of the ardent feelings behind the subject and, indeed, the sensitivity some may feel about the matter, even if a response may be liked by some, there may be others, perhaps even users who aren’t contributing but reading only, who might take affront at what is being said. I gather, that this topic is strongly promulgated by either side of the debate and, therefore, a delicate matter for many. I am a moderator on a site called Nextdoor and, everyday, I have to review content flagged down by users.