Balanced diet

Hi all

Does anyone have any tips on maintaining a balanced diet? I saw on another post that someone uses the app 'My Fitness Pal' to keep on track of her diet and calorie intake.

Keeping a healthy and regulated diet is important in decreasing your risk of stroke. You can read more about this in our Diet section in 'Advice and Information' -

Hope this helps!


I'd advise lean towards  a m Mediterranean  style diet as much as you can. it's often reported many many health benefits.

it's a diet high in fruit/veg. wholemeal bread grains cereals.

oily fish. try to avoid red meats, processed foods where you can.

go for good days high in omega 3s, fish, nuts, eggs. olive oil. etc.nnt

a glass of red wine with it in the evening is fine too. 

it's good for maintaining a healthy body weight.

it's renowned for being good for making quite a few nasty diseases  less likely. including stroke repeats.

I'd advise you look it up try it.

I swear by it, I'm 5 years on, a stroke survivor now.

add some excercise to  your lifestyle with it too.