Back to work!

Started a new job today after 2 years of being at home, nothing too exciting housekeeping at a gorgeous hotel not too far from where I live. Finally got a date for my driving assessment,12th May so not too long to wait, things are looking up now could just do with a win on the lottery ?. 

Well done on the job hope it goes well, can't help with the lottery ?

Well done ? x

I had my stroke three months ago and have been signed off the whole time, of course. The latest doctor's note expires next weekend so I've got to make yet another decision (in consultation with my doctor) about whether I'm ready to return. Although my mobility is more or less sorted out now and I have a computer-based clerical job I can do from home, I'm really unsure about whether I should go back yet. For one thing I still have woozy spells and I suffer from intermittent vertigo at night. Does anybody have any advice, please ? 

Evening, I had my stroke 3 months ago too. I’m no where near ready for work as yet but you need to consider your health before work, are you really ready? If no then more time off won’t hurt. 

Take care 

Everyone is different because no two strokes are the same.

my experience suggests that nine months is about the earliest time to get back to employment.

whenever you do return, it will be hugely helpful to have a phased return. Short hours and fewer days each week.

could you do a trial run, testing what you can cope with. 

wouldnt it be great if you are indeed fit to get your life back quite soon. No doubt some survivors are stronger than others, maybe you are one of them.

good luck


In the current situation you should work from home if you can. I find it helps because I can take a break when my brain gets tired and make my hours up later. If you do work from home make sure your work area is set up to not put a strain on your weak side. You may be able to request a Workstation Assessment.