Back to the grind? Just a bit!

It’s always hard to get back to normal after a holiday, particularly when it was such a busy one. Tuesday we were exhausted so we rested except for a toddle around Tesco and me taking the car to the garage for maintenance. Wednesday, chiropractor appt in Tynemouth and a coastal drive to watch the white waves crashing along the shore. Looking at the sea has been a major uplift in John’s recovery. In the evening we managed to get to our U3A wine tasting. Thursday was crunch day! I went back to Pilates for the first time in months whilst John allegedly had a swim. Oh, no! Mr clever clogs took himself onto the treadmill then the onto the bike then used an arm machine before going into the pool. Friday?? Yes, you’ve guessed. He was zonked! We had two lots of friends for coffee (not planned but lovely all the same). Then we he came with me last night for a WW1 centenary celebration at the art club. Our local MP unveiled a mural and we sang along with Spennymoor Brass Band. 

It is still hard to believe that 22 months have passed since John’s Stroke Today son, Brendan, is bringing our two grandchildren for a flying visit and we are both looking forward to seeing them. George 16 and Jennifer 14 will brighten us both up. 

Hi V & J,

I'm exhausted reading that !!! You definitely sound like a couple who are living life to the full. Have a fab time with your family. Then maybe 40 winks ?? before you start all over again. 

K ?    



Well done V & J! The line between coping and overdoing it is quite narrow. We survivors interpret the first signs of well being in the same way Lewis Hamilton looks on pole position. The problem is that our Formula 1mentality can lead to that one step too far. I will do something extra even though I am being told ‘that’s enough’. The something extra inevitably goes wrong. That said, you are both clearly enjoying life again. Long may you both do so!

I think the whole reason that stroke survivors are survivors is that they don't give up, they're seemingly hard-wired to just keep pushing... and why shouldn't they ? that's what is so incredible about them, so we just take the zonked out days, we understand the consequences, but who wouldn't want to make the most of a good day?   I've stopped advising my husband to take care - what will be will be, and it will  be happy ? 

A jolly, merry w/end to y'all - Nic-nac xx

Hi Nic, how did the hospital visit go? Hope things got resolved. V ??

Ah thank you for your encouragement, John. I’ve been shopping and my husband has prepared all the veg for a roast dinner whilst I’ve been out. Pre Stroke he did shopping and cooking and is slowly building up to take over again. More successes than disasters nowadays. We changed the bed together on Thursday and I giggled thinking of our earlier efforts. Wondered how you would rate our attempts. Yes, we are definitely making progress. ??

Ha ha! I think you’re right. Bren text to say they’ll arrive about 11.0 and leave at 3 as George is at work tonight. He’s working in a pub washing glasses, ahh! We’ll flop when they leave. ? ? ? 

Long story short ... he was collected by ambulance at 00.22 this morning, and evicted from his bed, ready for collection by 08.10 this morning!!  Quite honestly we've had longer outpatient appointments!!  

Maybe if our GP had been a bit more on the ball this could have been resolved 5 days ago? Much cheaper for the NHS, and a lot less stressful for my husband.  Anyway he has some different antibiotics, (if I can keep him awake long enough to make him swallow them), and is expected to take approx 2 weeks to fully recover.   Just now I'm leaving him to sleep Rip Van Winkle style, and I'll worry about everything else as I come to it.  Happy days/daze ? xx