Back to the exercising

Just had a visit from a physio from the Community Stroke Team. Lots more exercising to do again, but, apparently, I am still in pretty good nick. I must say Worcestershire is really on the ball for post stroke backup.

That is indeed impressive.

Good place to live !


Good news, pleased you will get quality follow up, well done for impressing the physio!! 

Worcestershire looks like a great place to be!  Not suprised though that you are in pretty good nick which shows just how hard you've worked on your recovery and never let it beat you!  x

I can't believe how good Worcestershire is with stroke. We have an Acute Stroke Ward at the county hospital in Worcester, a rehab ward in Evesham, a Community Stroke Team and a Life After Stroke Centre in Bromsgrove run by the Stroke Association. There are also local support groups. Even in this pandemic they are still working flat out in hospitals and the community

Hi John, Worcestershire seems the place to aspire to if you need good stroke after-care.  Wish all areas of the country could make that claim!  Pleased that you have had good treatment, and retained your determination for a good recovery.

All good wishes, Nic ?