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Hi, my mum had a stroke several years ago, and hasn’t been very active since. She is unable to use her left side (arm & leg). She loved gardening and would like to get back out into the garden, doing some planting, weeding, etc, but she says she is quite nervous about it in case she can’t do what she wants to. I was wondering if anyone else has struggled with particular gardening tasks and if there are any products that have helped you get round that? Thank you


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@Louisa78 welcome to the forum. I’m notva gardener but there are many on here who enjoy gardening.

I did find this site though that may help you:

Gardening Aid, Long Handled Garden Tools For Disabled - Essential Aids UK

Maybe your mum could start with some potting that she can sit down & do & then build up from there.

Best wishes


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Hello @Louisa78. I was afraid to try stuff also as I was so worried that I would be disappointed but gardening has been a massive help to me. Little by little gaining confidence, thinking around ways of doing things. If the result is still the same then I can lose myself for hours. Knee pads are my best friend now but working out what will work for your mum- only she can do that once she tries. Maybe try some thing that involves sitting that she can monitor - I planted some indoor bulbs this time last year that I just had to shovel compost and the bulbs into pots and then watch and water them indoors over the winter. It is an exercise in mental health improvement. I wish you and your mum all the best, Julia

Some gardening activities have certainly been disapointing for me - I got half way through paining the shed and had to go to bed, and I find pricking out seedlings with my general lack of coordination a bit of a pain, but I have really enjoyed planting out the bulbs with my granddaughter and I have collected my own seeds this year that I hope to plant out next year (mainly outdoors so that I don’t have to prick them out). I am developing a mixed hedge out of home grown cuttings and it’s growing slowly but well. I hope that your mum finds jobs in the garden that bring her joy.

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I couldn’t wait to get out gardening again, I didn’t have anything to assist me, but initially just enjoyed the sensation of soil on my hands, the smell of the earth, and the aroma of the plants. We have quite an active thread on Gardening Post Stroke, you might get some ideas.

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Thanks for the replies everybody, they are all really positive. It sounds like gardening has a big impact on your mental well being, but the key sounds like slow and steady. The link to the gardening aid site is really useful, thank you