At the gym 😳

I haven’t had a good morning I’m 20 months post stroke been going to the gym once a week for the last year … I fell off the rowing machine this morning ! I couldn’t get up off the floor . I felt so vunerablr sprawled on the floor :disappointed: Then2 hunky young men came to help me :joy:always a silver lining haha im ok just bruised again


@christine2 at least you were helped up. get back on that horse and go to the again


@christine2 hope you didn’t hurt yourself. A nice silver lining though :grin:

Hope it doesn’t put you off trying again xx


Christine: Is once a week at the gym enough? Hope you are also doing homework. I and a friend of mine workout for an hour and a half to two hours a day. I am lucky to have weights and other equipment at home. My therapists told me that one to two hours a day is very important for recovery. Sorry that you fell. Hang in there and keep working.


Wow…you must have some power in your legs to catapult yourself off the rowing machine :wink:
You sure it wasn’t just to get the attention of a few hunky men :laughing:

Glad you’re ok though :smile: I managed to trip over a balance board at the end of a weights class once, only trouble was, the hunky young trainer who picked me up reminded too much of my own son :confounded: :roll_eyes:

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Hugs and becare okay


Hunky? Young? I need to change my gym!

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