Art Class

Before i start this and everyone thinks hmmmm this guys Mad :wink:
You actually maybe right " or am i "
Or are you going to Draw a Landscape Picture with an Oak Tree as its center piece…Our Strokes took alot from us but it didnt take our Imagination as thats what your pictute will be all i will be doing is show you how to draw it…

With us all being Stroke Super Heroes we have achieved things what we thought was going to be impossible. We know concentration and other factors we suffer with dont help us at times but this will be a daily step by step and its a group session and i would guess feom start to finish will take about 5 days…
the beauty of this is i will show u mine before you show us yours :rofl:

“oh my god i am being Mr Serious here”
Wheres that door…!

So why does learning something as off the wall as this seem different… heres somethings you need to know 1st…
Can you draw… Doesnt Matter
Can you hold a pencil properly… Doesnt Matter
Can you hold a rubber properly… Doesnt Matter

All you need is yourself
1 pencil or chalk (whatever you feel comfy holding)
1 Rubber or Blutak
Some paper… 1 is more than enough any size

So thats all for now but the 1st step will be Sunday 16th April… theres no lates or earlys check this post and lets have some fun…


Ok that sounds suitable nuts & maybe inspiring
My blank canvas…


I can just about hold the chalk and move clumsily. I’ve been thinking I should have so some manipulation exercises. Yesterday we went for breakfast out and I was able to eat with a knife - it was hard but I did it

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:smiley: :+1:

Keep on keepin’ on

I’m really keen on this.

I used to draw, paint and photograph, in a small way, as a hobby.
Since my stroke which largely took away my right side function I have left that sort of thing alone, sure that anything I might try will be total ‘cr4p’.
But you have given me a shove, I won’t just lie here and accept it. I’m going to make an attempt to include myself in this initiative, even if I can only produce rubbish.

. . . and I conduct Zoom meetings on a regular basis. If it is of interest to you and others, we could arrange to meet to discuss what we have been up to and maybe to inspire one another. I don’t want to take over your thing, @Harmonixx, so I’ll leave it at that with the ball in your court. Anyone is welcome to message me at any time. I’ll try to reply ASAP.

All that I can say to anyone reading this is ‘be brave, you might surprise yourself!’

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I remember doing this at art college (love it on dark paper). Won’t say any more at present…

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This is what its all about… a bit of fun and imagination and some stimulation what more could we ask for… the fun part is you most probably amaze yourself to be honest…

This is how serious this really is… hehehe

Now this fish is rubbish… this is my wifes idea of art… i was a graffiti artist as a young tearaway…
I loved it i still do some now but not on bridges and walls… like i can climb a bridge wall or even runaway… i would just sit down now…

did this for the wife a bit ago took me ages i used to be able whip these out in mins

Oh my lord i just… nope didnt do this… the fish is mine… i am proud of my fish…


I have actualy just before the stroke built an old ww2 raf training camp in full 3d that bolted on to google earth. I donated it to a foundation it took me 2 years to build it. Round about 1000 buildings and air raid shelters the whole 9 yards…

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Well…the countdown is tick tocking…
“is tocking a word lol”
I should imagine this is going to be pretty
Amusing for all of us because the little bit of our silly selves that we thought had gone camping and got lost just may make that appearance and it will be a " where the frig have you been "

Like i have said this is a different from the norm as if you think about it we are not doing the norm forum chatty thing. Some of us including myself will be drawing or chalking more than gabbing so in a fantastic sense.
“We are going to be using our broken biscuit brains to think about what we are doing physicaly and enjoying the outcome what comes” it doesnt have to be amazing but i bet everyone who takes part you will suprise yourselves of what we can do as a team.

Remember this please this is yours and how you are feeling and tapping into your imagination to create a picture you made in your mind.
Trees,rolling hills,maybe a river or even a swing on the branches. This is going to be all you and we are going to the countryside in our minds… i wonder how we will see it,
I will show how we can do different variations of hills so you feel " I Got This"
Hahahaha looks like we are doing hills then tomoz and then we go from there because the hills are going to be the mid,then we have our back and fore and shading and how light works. If you want to colour. colour it if you just want lines do it as lines…

When we ate finished we can put them on here for us all to see and congratulate each other on a fantastic job well done…

You never know if this goes as well as its seeming to another 1 could crop up… Stranger things have happened at sea…

Good luck all…

We used to love the broken biscuits we got on the market growing up :yum:

And I’m still up for creating a landscape masterpiece tomorrow, I love trees too :heart_eyes: :laughing:

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Is there an example coming

Today or

Or tomorrow?

Or am I supposed to just trying to do my bit now

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Pen and paper on table just waiting for inspiration . More of a poet than a Banksy might combine the the two.


I hope I’m in the right place. This looks interesting. Yet to gather pen and paper but that shouldn’t take too long.

This looks like something that would work well in a chat channel.

Maybe that could be a possibility?

Admin please discuss.


I’ll humbly submit my first offering, produced freehand in a computer art package.

‘Taking the bait’

  • man on loosely drawn ship catches jaws

possibly worth 1/10 ??

Indicating that Art lessons are probably required here.

I’ll come back and take another look in an hour or two.

:sleeping: :+1:

an hour or two later

I’m thinking this might be worth trying on a white board in a Zoom meeting.

Some arty instruction would be a help.


Here goes…
I am pretty nervous about this.
Sorry for the delay
" nerves got the better of me"

Here are some examples for you to hopefully start with…

This shows boundary lines as i will show…

This shows a river/stream coming between

This is more of a rolling hills

This is more of a field in front or lake

My example


The vanishing point shown in the 1st image will be spoken about later… hopefully i have kind of shown whats about to start… i taught english and maths gcse… this is a new ball game… also you may see i have stayed between the mid lines because again i will show the whys and others as we progress…

Only 1 rule no submitting untill finished…
If i can help… please let me know i will try my best…
Enjoy getting creative…hope i got step 1 of this correct and explaines enough… fingers crossed… :rofl:



You’re among friends here, no need for nerves. Sorry my effort is so pathetic, but as my wife says, I’m always trying. Very trying.

Glad you are here, I won’t be the only one keen to have a go at this.

Keep on keepin’ on
:smiley: :+1:


All we can do is try… if the finished job you have done and you think its a picasso… sorry to tell you this its a picasso… you did it and who would of thought a week ago your going ti the country with your imagination then going to draw it… so yes we are all going to draw a picasso in my mind…your wife will no doubt be so happy your doing this because of the motivation and thought going into what you are doing…


I have to say… how many of us have had that look of our partners and they say for instance… “what are you doing there hun” your reply will be no doubt along these lines “i am doing art class” her/his reply “your doing what”
As thats the conversation i just had and then had that weird have you got 2 heads…hahaha :rofl: :rofl:


All done :smile:
And I have to say, I’ve just discovered I can now draw a straighter line free handed with my right stroke hand than ever could before the stroke :laughing:


They were examples hehe… well done they do look good… Now pick one you feel happy with and thats your base picture more will be explained tomorrow… early days yet we have still alot to cover but will get easier as we go on…

Tomorrow is background and certain types we can add to start to bring whats being drawn to life… i have to draw more examples of different backgrounds for each of todays examples…

I.e draw each mid 3-4 times and add a different background to each 1 so in theory i gave 3 hill examples and now 3-4 background to each mid
“Oh my lord thats 12 example pictures tomorrow” haha

Theres going to be more to see and more your imagination will really kick in " mines on overload " haha

Hopefully the next project i will video or zoom it lets see how my nerves hold up on this 1 hahaha

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That’s me and my puddles brain at 2 in the morning :laughing: But I like my hills so I think I’ll carry on with them all and see what I can make of them :sweat_smile:

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