Anybody returned to the water?

Hi, woke up on the bathroom floor a few weeks ago then again later in the acute stroke ward and found I couldn't stand without assistance. Was lucky enough to begin physio as soon as I could stay awake and am now walking short distances and with the help of the lads paddled back out in small surf on Sunday. I was shocking, definitely got weakness on my left side and this really messed up my pop up but my paddle out and onto waves seems to be ok. I can keep working on my pop up on the living room floor and expect that to improve and have worked on my balance every day for 20 years so back on my balance board daily.  Having not got my feet under me yet I'm wondering if anybody has managed to get back to the level that they were surfing at before and how long it took and if there were any specific things that helped along the way.  I'm told that I need to be aware of impulsive behaviour due to right side damage, I'm not counting paddling out 2 weeks after having a stroke as I planned it really carefully!  Thanks and best wishes. ??☠

I’m a long-term (12 years) stroke survivor. I had a great revelatory experience at the Calvert Trust Exmoor. They have a heated indoor which, because most of its occupants are disabled, is kept at blood heat (37deg C). Anyway, they also have these floatation beds which are made from hard plastic balls (tennis ball size) held in plastic netting. The whole thing is about the size of an old Lilo.
I spent a very pleasant hour in the pool floating around doing sweet FA. It was the first time since my stroke that I could truly relax. I can highly recommend it to any other stroke survivors.

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