Any tips to reduce coldness/pins and needles in the hand

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Good afternoon you all.
One of the side effects after my recent Stroke (numbness/coldness/pins and needles in my left hand and fingers particularly} means I can no longer play my guitar. (amongst other things of course that impacts everyday life due to this lack of dexterity.)
I am sure there are lots of ideas and suggestions in the community that will assist me to move forward
I look forward to trying your tips and suggestions.
thank you

Hi Bill. Our fellow survivor Deigh plays the guitar and may have some tips for you. My weak left hand was all pins and needles but has improved despite lacking sensitivity. My weak forearm and hand are always cold so I go for tops with long sleeves and a glove if necessary. Finger exercises should also help you. There are plenty on line.

Hi Bill. My stroke 3 1/2 years ago completely paralyzed my left side. Slowly, the feeling came back. I had electrotherapy and occupational & physical therapy 3 times a day for 3 weeks–then 2 times a week for several months after I came home.(I went to a therapy center.) Even though my left hand and arm felt like it weighed 100 lbs. to lift, I made myself used it all the time. I bought little 1, then 2-lb. hand weights and practiced with them. All this therapy brought back more feeling and dexterity. At one time I couldn’t move my left hand. Now I play piano and ukelele. But it took a lot of effort, therapy and time. If you can get therapy, it’s well worth it. If not, look up exercises on the net and work at home yourself. You can buy tens units (for electircal stimulation) on the net. Check with your neurologist if that might help you. Don’t over-do. During therapy they had me do 10 repetitions 3 times for each exercise. Your situation may be different, since I had paralysis, and you have numbness, but maybe some therapy would still help. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart: Jeanne

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Thank you all for your time and and most welcome tips and suggestions. Determination…Optimism…Persistence. Well done with your own individual successes. I appreciate your sharing. :grinning:

Hi Bill, not the same , but on & off , on fingers , felt like nettle stings ? Tried various, but my wife recommended Canula cream & found this good. David.

Thank you for that suggestion David. Do you have any link? I tried to get some info on the internet about Canula cream. All I get is information about cannulas

Bill , sorry misspelt, should have been Calendula cream. David.

Thank you David…not just me then :innocent: