Another trip out

Went to see the Confetti flower fields near Pershore , Worcestershire. Disabled parking but involved walking along rough undulating field paths. Managed a reasonable walk around but needed the occasional rest. Mind you, every walk of any length is an achievement.


@John_Jeff_Maynard wow that looks beautiful. Well done on managing your walk…you’re doing great :blush:

Evening @John_Jeff_Maynard. Looks fantastic. Love a delphinium, but just love colour. Glad you could enjoy it whatever the terrain, Julia x

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Hi @John_Jeff_Maynard - I saw an aerial photograph of these fields in one of the weekend papers. It looked fabulous and must be even more so when you see it in real life. Thanks for sharing.

Thanks for that Jeff what a riot of colour am I right in thinking that all those flowers are grown for environmentally friendly confetti? What a bonus for the local insects.

They are memorable and now sold out for this year

You are correct. You can buy bunches of flowers too

Nice one! I like the burst of colours on your pictures.

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Oh what beautiful pictures. Thanks for sharing!! :slightly_smiling_face:Jeanne

A walk of any length is an achievement…keep it up.

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Lovely pics sounds like a good time had