Another step forward

Another step forward in my quest to get my driving licence back. At long last the medical department of the DVLA have finally looked at my case.I have a 'very slight' vision impairment that has shown up. I will receive a letter from the DVLA to ask me to go to Specsavers to have a test as they are the DVLA approved opticians, luckily I have recently been to the optician to have my eyes tested and get new glasses so she had mentioned that this might happen but not to worry about it. Although I am very hopeful that I am on the home stretch in getting my licence back I cannot believe how long it has taken the DVLA to get to this stage and I am a priority case apparently,think they have a different idea of what priority means. So keeping everything crossed that I'm nearly there ?

Massive step back! DVLA have had me jumping through hoops for the last 4 months and because they can't make a decision based on the eye test results from Specsavers they now want me to have another test at a hospital in Glasgow - approx 5 hours from where we live! Better yet - due to coronavirus the hospital are unfortunately not taking appointments, if only the DVLA had pulled their finger out at the start this could have been done before - so fed up with them ?

I had the same problem. Specsavers perscribed me glasses. It was a fab feeling getting behind the wheel again, and gaining your independance. :)