Another small step

I have just realised I have eaten a banana held in my weak hand. Recently, I was referred to physio in the hope of strengthening my left shoulder muscles and stabilising my jerky arm and hand. I was given exercises to do three times a day and this little improvement is the first I've seen. Hopefully, more will follow.

As well as this, I've made another batch of marmalade this morning. I still regret not being able to do many things I would like to do, but am very grateful to still do the things I can. Over four years, I have gone from being able to do a few small, simple tasks to being able to do a reasonable amount of housework. The fatigue I have learnt to live with. It still requires an hour's nap around midday, but after that I function reasonably well. Fortunately, I live in a comfortable home and am retired. Just thought it worth reporting that I have used my weak hand 'normally', by which I mean without having to think about it.

Hello John,

This is proof again that we see small improvements all the time: it's one of the most positive aspects of life with a Stroke.

Like you, I find the fatigue ever present and easily fixed by letting my mind and body rest when I feel I've overdone it. You've done well in four years and will hopefully see even more progress in the next four, eight or twelve even.

Thanks for posting on here - while I've come a long way in my recovery, I can remember the times when all I could think of was a life of being unable to do things, and would cling to these positive messages as a sign of hope when I felt there was very little hope.

Please keep us all posted as you continue to progress and reflect on how things are working out.

Take care,

Damian (Eurocracy67)


Dear John,


Congratulations on yet another victory, it just goes to show the brain rewires, even 4 years after a stroke. May you continue to recover and give hope to others.

Oh, marmelade? In Portugal, we make it with quints and jam with the peelings. Cooking is a wonderful therapy if you feel stressed. People say, kneading bread is very relaxing too. Would that be a good little exercise for your hand, in small amounts  of course?