Another short break

Have just come back from five days in Devon. Hotel was great. I could come downstairs quite well but always got the lift up. We went to RHS Rosemoor, but I overdid it and had a tumble. Scraped my arm but as I’m on Clopidogrel I bled like a stuck pig. Still managed to get out next day though and even managed to get upstairs and downstairs in a stately home. I terrified everyone by coming down backwards, but I have been taught how to do this. Took it slowly and carefully with my partner ready to stop me falling. No fall so confidence restored. If you don’t try, you don’t achieve.


@John_Jeff_Maynard sounds like you had a great few days away (despite the fall). I can just imagine all the faces when you came down the stairs backwards :grin:

Loshy, I always tell people that it’s amazing how the body adapts.

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sounds like a good break. Sorry about the fall. Went to some gardens myself and as the steps were very steep (garden is set on a hill) bumped down them on my bottom

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Well done sorry bout yoir fall but sounds like you had w good time all in all

Well done John. The important thing is that you got up again and didn’t let it put you off. Love Lilian

Morning @John_Jeff_Maynard. So glad to hear you are enjoying getting about. 100% agree if we don’t try we don’t achieve. Coming down backwards sounds like a plan, who cares what others make of it. Being careful and considered is what is needed not being afraid to try. All the best, Julia x

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