Age related

I have just been messaging Norma on the forum about our ages, both are early eighties. We wondered if we are both the oldest users as most people seem to be young.Lilian

I will be 50 next week so for now I’m dining out on being 49 - can’t tell everyone I’m still in my 40s after next Weds :joy::joy:


All I can say is that if you keep on keeping on you’ll end up 80 too ! !

I’m waiting for a walking frame to arrive this afternoon, I never thought I’d be using one of them, times certainly do change.

Whatever your age, wherever you are, all the best to all of you. :grin:

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Hi Bobbi I have now got used to my rollator and use one with three wheels at home and four at the shops. I will be progressing to a walking stick in the next few weeks I hope! Enjoy your walking frame. It will give you some much needed independence.Lilian

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I think @Deigh trumps that at 93 :smiley:

@Rups at 75 I already trump a fair bit. Gas masks for all in the vicinity will no doubt be necessary when I reach 93.
Congratulations though to @Deigh for trumping us all. :smiley:

@l_platt This hopefully will allow me to take my first few solo steps. Coupla hops and a jump and I’ll be walking with a stick like you, Lilian

love to all from Bob


not the oldest here, but i think i am the longest post-stroke at 32 years. In fact in a week I will hit the anniversary where I will have lived as long post-stroke as pre-stroke. That sounds pretty awful, but there is only one alternative to surviving a stroke and getting older.


HI Janet’s wow . That is some record! I am not going to equal that! I do hope you are keeping well and enjoying life.Lilian

Rups. Deigh definitely holds the record. I wonder how many stroke survivors are in their nineties. Lilian

I’m nearly 79, so getting closer to 80 by the minute.

Sorry, but you got it wrong, I’m a mere 92 and complain that if I’d known I was going to last this long I’d have taken more care of myself as a youngster!


Dear Deigh. Sorry I got your age wrong, every year counts for us now! Roll on one hundred. Lilian

Dear John. You are still a youngster yet! May you enjoy life in your seventies as much as I did and continue to do so now. Lilian

I’m 77–not too far behind you. But, I don’t pay attention to age. Because, though we all say it, do we really realize the truth of it. “Age” is really only a number. Numbers were created by humans., that always want to keep track of things. I don’t pay attention to them. My Mom-in-law just celebrated her 100th birthday and lives on her own in her own house. She’s really only 18 with 82 years of experience.!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


No Problem Lilian. The good and the bad of being this age is that one has to live with a lot of disadvantages that come with it but on the other hand everyone around is ready and willing to help if assistance is needed.

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I agree with you. Your mother in law sounds fantastic. I hope that I will be like her. Lilian

Dear Deigh I feel that there are many adventures which more than compensates
for the disadvantages. I enjoy each day. Lilian