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Hi guys was wondering if anyone could help me,I had my stroke January last year and am physically back to how I was before. I now suffer with anxiety and fatigue and this week both my arms are aching from my shoulders to my elbows and my leg on the left is aching around my knee.the doctor done a blood test and told me to stop my atrofastatins to see if I have side effects from them ,but I can't understand that it's happening now after a year .sorry to keep on my anxiety is really bad today 

I'm going through similar right now and am absolutely terrified for can t sleep and feels like I'm constantly shaking. Let me know know howyou go after stopping the statins

Hi yep will do the doctor said their going to retest in two weeks and if the aching has gone they will change the atro if needed, I personally think it's all anxiety I'm having a bad week at the moment. Speak soon x

Me too I was doing so well but in bits at the moment falling to pieces

Thanks for reply

One of the great struggles of stroke recovery, before having a stroke, these physical issues would have been relatively easily dealt with but post stroke they inflate greatly. I think I have acquired meralgia paresthetic (thigh numbness), probably from inactivity and losing quite a bit of weight (have started meds for anxiety and one of the adverse effects is loss of appetite). At first when I got the numbness I was quite worried but have deduced it is probably the aforementioned factors. We have to be quite investigative ourselves about our condition, especially with GPs being so hard to get hold of. I hope your aches reduce and you determine a rational reason for them.

Thank you so much for your reply x

after my stroke i was on statins. i would wake in the night with stomach cramps and my legs aching so much it was almost painful. i had numbness in my hands. i consulted with my gp and stopped taking statins (my cholesterol wasn't high but my statin dose was!) and didn't have those problems anymore. but conusult with your gp before changing any medication, and if you're not sure or not happy about what they say, get a second opinion. 


Advice please , stroke nearly 2 years ago,  like probably most , all usual anxieties.  However now ,my brain will almost LOCK onto poss quiet a minor problem,  tunnel vision ? & then turn it into a MAJOR problem,  I then can't stop worrying about , especially at night. Is this , just me ,(always been a bit of a worrier )  too much time to over think things or others , have similar. Thanks David. 

Hi David I'm going through an awful time myself right now and can't see a way out I have had 2 strokes second just last week . Physically I'm not too bad left arm affected  weakness my mIn concern is mentally I'm in bits keep thinking every little tingle is another one. Because they haven't found a reason for it its a living hell I'm struggling to focus on anything right now. Phoned gp this morning wouldn  prescribe anti depressants just some counselling which could take weeks bit useless to be honest. I keep telling myself I can still walk  and are mobile but my mind is in a real state.



Hello Rich,

I am on anti-anxiety meds, Citalopram, so far, not too bad, although I am only on the fourth week and it takes four to six weeks to get working. Beware, adverse effects knocked me around for three weeks but I was able to tell the difference between the adverse effects of the meds and my stroke issues. Last time you mentioned you had a funny turn on one of your walks, was that your second stroke? Did they check for a PFO? Unknown strokes are called cryptogenic strokes, I had one too. Going back for an MRI to make sure everything is as it was up there in my grey matter.


Hello David, when you say your brain locks and then tunnel vision, does that pass or do you go and rest to let it pass?

Hi rups they didn't reply know  but on the Sunday we called 999 as I was having another stroke after a shower went straight to hospital ct scan showed an established intact so they didn't do clot busting meds I just think they don't know got a follow up in 4 to 6 weeks might be longer because of civic hope not they tweaked my meds aspirin high dose for 3 weeks and clopi and avorostatin 80 mg I asked the specialist would it prevent another one and he said hopefully I didn't have any heart scans as I had them in January and were all ok. Just in bits right now thinking every tingle is another one. Just a nightmare and can't  seem to get any emotional help and support. My head is breaking with negative thoughts and can't move on



I'm surprised they didn't suggest a patent foramen ovale (echocardiogram with bubble study), as someone I know from my stroke meetings had three strokes because of the PFO. Won't show up on regular heart scan. Every one has a PFO but for about 30% of the population it doesn't close up. I guess the key is to narrow it all down. My consultant also said "hopefully" with Clopidogrel, it's not 100% reassuring I know, but it's part of our defense. I'm sure they've done all the suitable blood tests like sticky blood and the rest. I'm part of Community Steps and we have two online meetings a week with other stroke survivors, do they have anything like that in your neck of the woods? I'm in Wales. Hang in there, not everyone agrees with anti-anxiety meds but for me, I've needed them for my self-confidence just through this hard time (I got through six months without them). We are here on the forum also regularly, so please, if it helps stay in contact with us as much as you need. Have they put you on statins? My cholesterol  was tested and fine, they still put me on them as apparently they can help even people who haven't had a stroke prevent having one.  

Thanks rups

Just having the most awful time at moment I suppose I just want reassurance but I know you can't get that as for an echo cardogram it didn't get mention the local stroke association cordinator  has been brilliant my go unless wouldn't prescribe  anti depressants because he said increased risk of bleeding but my stroke coordinator says half I her clients on anti depressants so she's going to speak them just need some help.

I'm really sorry to hear that Rich, I too have just surfaced out of four weeks of personal "hell" with Winston Churchill's motto in my mind, "When going through hell ... keep going." Yes, SSRIs can increase bleeding, so does clopidogrel, for me it is just a calculated risk as I more fear further clotting than haemorrhage. Ask them about PFO and see what they say. I also take Lorazepam which is a benzodiazepine for those really bad anxious moments when I can't sleep. Half a table (1mg) does it for me. I'm not advocating meds if you don't feel you need them but for me, they help. Otherwise, push for as much liaison with your stroke coordinator as you can and don't let them drop the ball. This is important for your mental health as much as it is your physical wellbeing. 

Hi Rich. Please try to stay positive. After my big stroke five years ago, I had a second mild one exactly a year ago. It was the time of the first Covid wave and I had to go into hospital for two nights. I found it very emotional as we all dread a second stroke. Thankfully, the meds sorted me out and then I knew I just had to get on with it.

At first I lost confidence in walking, but community support got me an ankle brace and I walked better. I knew I'd gone backwards a little, but cracked on. Had my heart monitored and it was okay. Things improved again and my exercise classes for seniors started again this week, so I am optimistic.

Stay strong.

Thank you for this I'm trying to stay positive John do you stop thinking about another if so how


Thank You


Rich, being old, I know that anything could go wrong at any time. No point in being angry or self pitying though. That way stroke wins. I just take everything one day at a time, eat healthily and exercise. I also try to see the funny side of things and laugh as much as I can. Yes, I get down days but I always say to myself 'get up and get on with it'

However, we all have different personalities and words of encouragement do not always ring home. It's now a year since my second stroke and I'm still standing.

Thank You john