Advice please

Hi David--The night is the worst as far as worrying, isn't it?  When that happens I just quit trying to sleep, turn on the light and read a funny or entertaining book.   In other words, I replace the "worry thoughts" with something else, give my brain something else to focus on.  I keep dry cereal in a plastic container by my bed so I can nibble on something while I read.  Usually, after a while my eyes get tired, my brain has forgotten its "worry", my belly is full, so oxygen goes there for digestion away from my brain and I can usually get back to sleep.  If it happens during the day,  every time you get a worry, replace it in you brain by repeating a positive mantra.  Make something up that suits you and the situation.  Maybe a happy song that you sing over and over, like: "Grab you coat and get your hat, Leave your worries on the doorstep, Just direct your feet, To the sunny side of the street.  Some phrase that lifts your spirits and don't stop saying it in your head until the worry dies away. Let us know if these ideas help.  Love, Jeanne

I am a worrier. I am finding the emotional and anxiety side of my recovery the most difficult.

I didn't think that I would be much of a meditation/ mindfulness sort of person but these sort of activities are helping. 

I use the following to help take my mind off my worries

- short meditation for sleep or relaxation. All free if you do a Google search and there are loads of free apps. Find something you like.

- I have just downloaded a tinitus relaxer app to try

- I listen to audio books  or podcasts on BBC Sounds

- I have also started doing doodle colouring. 

Like one of the other replies anything that just takes your mind off your worry.

If I wake up in the night it was suggested to me that I  get up and have a warm drink. I think this might be the same principle as the cereal. Maybe a flask with a warm drink if you don't want to get up.

I have been referred to mind matters and have my first session today so am interested to see if that help.

I hope some of these suggestions work!




TUNNEL VISION , FOCUSING on unimportant things !

Thanks Jean , good advise,  yes my brain almost looks for a problem to worry about ! Befor stroke,  minor worry & not bothered with it ! STRANGE how my brain seems to have changed.  Good talking David. 

Hi Rups , mostly seem to worry at night,  like most on here.Thanks David. 

Hello Rich , sorry to hear.  After approx 1 year of mentally struggling,  took advise from my daughter & took mild happy pills,  helped me a bit , few months then stopped them . Nearly 2 years ago , stroke , unsuccessfully tried to find cause  . Worried,  but had to accept it & move on .

Been having bad few weeks , ( I belive this happens ? ) phone call from my sister this am , to suggest just quick visit.  I have had to learn to say no , as I almost need to prepare myself for 2 days before of rest & bed , then 2 days to recover,  to manage visit. Any one else similar ? I belive people mean well but do not really understand. Poss thinks 2 years on time to have improved , turning into a bit of a victim !

Love dog photo, 40 years ago first dog long haired German Shepherd.  As a puppy I remember massive paws & ears up . Would love small dog now , but couldn't cope. Good talking David. 

Hello David,

I worry first thing in the morning! Night not so bad as listen to audiobooks, relaxtion tracks, and Horlicks. I'm an author, so usually at night I also think about what I need to write the next day, this is useful distraction.

I have to start my mornings very carefully in order to minimize it - cuppa in bed, apple and banana, Classic FM, window open. My anxiety can be quite awful in the mornings, this morning a perfect example, really bad anxiety this morning. 

You wrote previously about a locked neck and tunnel vision? Has this resolved itself?

Thanks david, they won't give me happy pills as I'm still on aspirin worried about a bleed or somthing. So struggling at the moment. My stroke has messed my mind reasoning big style



Hello Rich,

Are you not on Clopidogrel? I've heard its safer than asprin which can cause other things. You can ask them for a script of benzodiazepines, I use Lorazepam, it doesn't cause bleeding but it is a sedative that relaxes the mind and body. It's very useful but can be addictive, I only get ten tablets at irregular times and take a half tablet which does the trick in fifteen minutes. I used them before my stroke for panic attacks and ten tablets would last me for a year sometimes. GPs are reluctant to prescribe them but if you can assure them you will only take them when needed, when things are really bad, they often agree. My mental health GP has been very good about it, I was cautious about using them with my anti-anxiety meds because I didn't want to rely on them but he said, "If you are having a bad anxiety attack, just take one, don't put yourself through that." - I took his advice, some days I don't want to spend hours and hours wrestling with anxiety just to come out of it too exhausted to do anything else.

I'm on aspirin for 3 weeks then just clopi so might get them after the aspirin  finishes hopefully anyway.


Thanks, Jane-- Good ideas.  I will look into the apps.  Also, I like your idea of keeping a thermos by your bed.  I didn't think of that--hence the cereal.  I couldn't think of what I could keep near my bed so I didn't have to get up.   Thanks for the ideas.angel

Thank you for replying x