Advice on fitnesses

hello I’m seeking advice on general fitness training please , i had an escimic stroke which left me with vision probs on left side , I get some stroke fatigue but not as bad as some my main problems seem to be memory and vision .ido go out walking but was wondering if I could start cycling on a gym bike now or is this too much too soon my stroke was 4 weeks ago thanks mark 

Mark, I went to my rehab ward two weeks after my stroke. They were keen on exercising and I would be taken to the hospital gym straight after breakfast. I used an exercise bike from the word ‘go’. You need exercise to renew muscle wastage, the Community Stroke Team gave me an hour’s exercise a day at home for six weeks after I left hospital. You need to focus on strength and balance. Health authorities often run classes for people in rehab. I also live near a Life After Stroke Centre and they run exercise classes and Tai Chi sessions for survivors. Hope this helps.

That’s great news thanks you’ve given me  hope as now I can build a training plan thanks again 

Seek advice from your GP first. I was referred to the gym following my stroke. There is normally a member of gym staff who will oversee your exercise program.

Hi  I have taken up Tai Chi in the past 8 weeks and find that very help for coordination ,balance and concentration.Often Idon't feel up to it but my husband encourages me to go regardless. Its  very theraputic  very  gentle movements but awfully evective mentally and physically.