Feeinling very pleased with myself as I’ve just climbed the loft ladder for the first time. It is a very good ladder and I certainly would not have tried if it wasn’t but it’s a great achievement even if we’ve recently had more insulation put in and I couldn’t actually see anything up there. Now sitting down in a supportive chair and feeling dizzy as the cat keeps knocking my glasses off but do feel rather proud of myself


@FionaB1 well done. That’s amazing and very brave. I’ve had a rough day today so done very little…loft ladder might be a bit too much for me at mo but definitely something to aim for :blush: go you xx

Climbing steps can be a problem. I have a raised vegetable garden and when the times come to pick beans out of reach I have to use a step stool and call on my wife to act as a brace and support as I climb two steps to reach

the new level.
I’ve just found on the internet a bought a tool I can use to pick beans from a distance. Am looking forward to next harvest. Whacko!


Deigh – I like the picture! Looks like a great tool, that everyone should have around for a multitude of things, not the least of which would be clipping the nose hairs from my pet giraffe! Ha Ha! :grin: :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne – Sorry – couldn’t resist-Guess I’m feeling funny/corny today. Maybe it’s an after-effect of the stroke.

Morning @axnr911 . I too have tackled the loft ladder - it’s a great sense of achievement isn’t it? I have to be more mindful as my balance isn’t great and I wouldn’t do it if my husband wasn’t around but I need to be able to get up there. By the way I blame all sorts of comments on the after affects of the stroke. It keeps my family amused and it makes me giggle. Not offensive, but I like the uncensored me. Life is too short, Julia x

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Good to hear another small achievement. It may only be small but many small achievements will eventually make it a big one!
I try to reward myself on my achievements. That usually means an edible treat (trifle is a favourite!).

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Sorry you had a rough day @Mrs5K . Deigh that hook looks useful. Next time I venture up the loft ladder I shall take my husband’s grabber thing and actually try to touch something up there. Yesterday I just stuck my head up there and got down again.

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