Achieved today - Little things mean a lot

So far a good positive day. Mail needs redirected and amazing I actually managed to update the website and change address and password with out to much stress, well done me?. I  chopped veg up for dinner as well as cleaning them and keeping all my fingers!!! Time to relax with knitting and get ready for another challenge tomorrow. X 

Wishing you another positive day today yes

Thank you for your thoughts. Today has been ok I stay positive when I am busy and get anxious if I am alone or bored. The lockdown has increased my fears but I know to work on positivity. It's been a steep learning curve, I took so much for granted and had no idea of the impact. So grateful to you for listening

It sounds like you've been through so much and yet you are still staying positive, which is really something to be proud of. I'm reading so many inspirational stories on here, which I then relay to my Mum - who had a stroke in the hope that she will see some light at the end of the tunnel, and be encouraged by the progress that many have made, and are still making.

I believe that every achievement following stroke warrants a celebration because each achievement met means you can set up another goal to meet. 

Well done! Fantastic read ?

Thank you ....  much appreciated. I 

Thank you, I still have a long way to go and had a frightening, lonely, isolated few months but following my second stroke which led to treatment falling under a different health region i can only say how good it was coupled with the occupation therapists and information and contact from the Stroke association I am beginning the return journey. 

Bit by bit & step by step, you'll get there! Talking with others and sharing experiences will help, your not alone in your recovery. Reach out when you need support and encouragement from the amazing community on here, use our helpline or connect with a local support group.

You'll find your way I have no doubt. Best wishes, Jason.

Good for you, keep on your mums side. I had it tough cos a medical did not agree with me and I had allergic reactions which were ignored despite my concerns even my family lost patience with me and added to my stress. Following my 2nd stroke I was lucky to be under a different health authority who recognised my allergies, changed my medication and started me on the road to recovery. I was so lucky and I thank them every day. I still have a way to go the virus has held things up. Your mum is special , you are lucky to have each other. Just love and listen strokes destroy parts of our brain and bodies but we are still in there.

Lind well done you , you've had a busy day . Enjoy a rest now . Good luck 

Carlene x