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Difficult to answer this as mine only happened 3 months ago, and I spent a third of that in hospital. But briefly…
Don’t drive anymore. So ‘popping’ out to see family doesn’t happen without planning & my wife driving.
Never had ‘masses’ of friends, but the few I do, have become err… distant. Do they think it’s contagious?
My hobby was art, or to be more precise, ‘poured acrylic art’ (check it out on Youtube). That I DO miss.
Home has changed just a little with a plethora of grab rails around the place.
I’ve become aware of the disgusting state of our pavements. My wife pushed me in the wheelchair down to our local shops a couple of weeks ago… just the once.
I have the South Downs just behind us, and the beach about a mile away, but neither beckon me - for obvious reasons.
We’ve recently bought a very large inflatable tent after spending years struggling with a frame tent. Not much chance of using that, now.
Oh… This is depressing me. I think I’ll stop now.

I am a new member here and have read a lot of the messages, it shows how unique we are. My stroke (August 2023), I believe, was from high stress and I had had a bleed to my front lobe – RHS. I had lost use of my left side. I was in hospital for 10 weeks, with therapy 3 to 4 times a week. My wife and I fought to stay until I only needed care of one (that was the stipulation of my council). Always check your social services and what you are eligible for. Be patient this takes a lot of effort. I have a good, positive mental attitude and a lot of my improvement I put down to that and much praying. My faith especially kept me going through the good and bad days. A stroke is an emotional rollercoaster ride. My wife has felt the pressure just as much. She is my greatest support in all things.

My progress to date; at 5 months – I walk around the house without a stick and with one when I go out. I have a splint for my left foot as it turns out still at 25 degrees. I have 70% use of my left arm and hand. I have carers and therapy (4 times a week).

“Emerald Eyes” is right on many counts especially repeat, repeat in rehabilitation.

Understanding brain neurons is good to know such as, they find new pathways to regaining use of limbs again. So, working repeatedly on exercises (physically and mentally) will lead to better use of leg, arm, and hand. With this you steadily work through your fatigue. I find doing small jobs around the house good for this and working on puzzles, research and reading to help my mental capacity. Prayer helps my emotional state and coming to terms with the new me. I do not feel sad for the old life any more. This is very important for growth and improvement.

I have also have had seizures in my leg and arm 4/5 times since my stroke which has led to taking medication to stop them. Hence, not being allowed to drive for a year.
I am gradually improving towards returning to work on a phased return and hopefully being able to use “Access to Work” to help me.

Remember, your brain, when exercised, can always improve. Do not listen to negativity especially, I would say, from medical staff. You own your body; it is your life not theirs. Keep a check on your medication (mg and side effects) and keep your GP up to date.
This forum is great, people on this have been there too. It is so helpful. Read all you can on strokes so you can understand what is going on.
Best wishes to everyone here. You are unique and special; your family and friends love you. You still have much to give the world. Look forward and not back.

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Welcome @mikey903
I agree with everything you’ve said about :slight_smile:
Especially the don’t listen to negativity from medical staff!

Have the 50 odd posts you’ve read so far included the welcome post that says the generally relevant stuff in one place

Glad to hear your walking. I think those elements were recovery that are easier once you can walk around I am very glad to hear support you’re getting from your wife - I get a lot from mine too :slight_smile:

Keep telling us how you’re doing :grin:


Hello Simon,
Cheers for your good wishes.
My walks out, are now better and longer. Yay. My therapist is very pleased.

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Hi I’ve had 2 strokes, one in 2016 on my son’s birthday and another lat year on my birthday. My wife is my rock. Last year a senior podiatrist told me I’d got Charcot foot, because my foot was at 70 degrees. Get yours checked out. It’s caused by neuropathic pain hiding the fact that it’s fractured.

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