A day of realising

The fall from normality

Having had the strok in 2021 I get littl markers of how life has changed

I was a senio cyber expert in a multi million pound company
No I get excited over the disabled badge wallet off Amazon and a new pill pot, how the mighty have fall quit life defining.



I got very excited abut my arctic blue bule badge wallet too!

K :polar_bear: :wink:

I think you have the same one as me from amazon…

Small word of caution the turny thing to set the time is quite tight so be careful not to tear / damage it when you take that bit out to set the time!! K


Life does have a habit of throwing obstacles in our way. A test of our strength of character maybe.


Absolutely all of the above and more but I will not be defeated not having come so far.


You made me smile! How things have changed indeed. I too get excited about little things which would have not had a second thought given in the past! My excitement of the week is receipt (from Amazon) of a pair of suitable gloves that will protect my hands whilst walking with my stroller!


Yes the life of a stroke survivor.
It’s the little ones things in life which matter.
Doing my Sunday car check on a vehicle which is so advanced that it will check itsel but I am old school so I need to see the level not rely on a sensor.
These modern cars don’t even have a dipstick for the oil anymore
No temperature gauge to tell you the car is overheating no charging dial for battery efficiency.

I’ll have to get an older vehicle next time


KG you’re slipping…where’s your polar bear sticker :smile:

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Actually I’m totally out of stickers!! but have some more arriving in the next couple of days…

And a few snow leopard ones for JP…

Screenshot 2023-10-22 14.29.35

I panicked a bit as I had to use the last few on an a4 new notebook :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :wink:

But I’m getting ready for Aston Villa (JP and Kush are on their way to Villa Park as I type) v West Ham at 4.30!!

The boys are excited!!

K :polar_bear: :wink: :hammer_and_pick: :hammer_and_pick:

@EssexPhil @Nigelglos @wayne.muggleton1971 @Justin @KeithP63 @Ingo66

Mini polars knows a couple of the players…

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We used to be giants…when did we stop…but time catches up. You’ll never forget what you had but now’s the time to embrace this new chapter in your life. Its ok, heck its good to get excited over the simpler things because they are your passport to a whole new way of life and achievements :smile:

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Not got one but I am tired

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it’s something i need to get myself

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blue badge


Apply for or renew a Blue Badge

Check if you’re eligible for a Blue Badge and apply or renew

:polar_bear: :wink: K

or sorry if that’s what you both meant?!?!




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i meant the holder mate

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bottom links mate!! K :polar_bear: :wink: :hammer_and_pick: :hammer_and_pick:

But things can always get better, mrfrederickson, no matter how down you get.

Life is about change, and we’re all going to suffer things in life. Many people don’t even know that they are going to have a stroke like you had at some point in their lives.

An old Buddhist monk once said, “Look at a picture of yourself when you were 10…now, can you revert to that age?” Absolutely not. That is in the past. We cannot return. We can only go forward.

Sure, life will never be the same after a major life-changing event, but they will happen to us all at some point. That’s just life.

I hope your neuropathy is better.

Wishing you tremendous healing.



Thanks Matthew the higher dose is being trialed at mid day to se if it lasts longer. So far so good

I’m sorry to be a winger but I’m firmly convinced I will get back to where I was before this stroke lol some of my friends have at the stroke association it has taken them 8 to 10 years so I’m a little bit impatient hence the continuing are we there yet and disdain over my lack of noticeable recovery

Although I’m better than I was three years ago and free of work so far.


That’s interesting you say that, because I read a story of a man who was only 50% recovered at 3 years. But he continued on and on, and was able to recover to 80% at 7 or 8 years.

You mention that you know people who have recovered extremely well, but it took them 8-10years. So, may they be your inspiration.

He said that post-stroke regression can happen even years later, so you to be careful to always be on top of things, and doing things to improve. It’s never-ending, the recovery.


Matthew that is most interesting and cheering, I will tecovy sufficient ly to have the life I want the focus will then switch to being a fit old man and halt the ravages of the aging process, weight training is my best option proven to extend life into one’s 80’s
The number of left side affected strikes does seem more common and the right side strokes less common but causing more issues if you were right handed your left hand has a steep learning curve.