23 years later

I had a right brainstroke in 2001. It took months for my brain to improve and for 5-6 years afterwards I walked with a stick. I needed the stick because I still had little feeling in my left foot and had foot drop.
Things did get better, but now age is getting at me. My foot drop has returned and I have discomfort in my left ankle.
Has anybody else noticed old issues returning after a long time, or could this be due to arthritis?


I’m a youngster in stroke years, 3 and bit, but fit seventy five year old but all those minor join injuries over the years in the last year or so coming home to roost. Frustrating but we have to expect it and soldier on


Joint ! But knee and ankle I feel could be arthritis kicking in


Hi @Val47 & welcome to the group. I’ve heard of people’s stroke symptoms returning after a long period of time. It’s probably a mixture of getting older & perhaps tireder. It may be worth getting checked over by GP though as it could be something else & they may just be able to help. Best wishes



Hi @Val47

It’s good and comforting to hear about somebody who’s stroker has(/had?) faded into the background of their normal post-stroke life :slight_smile:

Definitely the case that quarter of a century will add to the aches pains creeks groans rattles and wheezes !

Also highly plausible that weaknesses caused by the stroke that were accommodated within your general fitness are emerging as visible factors if you are slowing down? Also possible that neurological changes are emerging - it’s not unknown for stroke impacts to not be apparent until years later.

I guess it’s one of those if it bothers you seek help otherwise it’s something to compensate for or live with


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Hi Val,

I to have noticed old issues returning after some years. I also suffer from drop foot, and use a stick I never used to, but use them as required. I use a foot up brace (soft velcro) which helps me raise my foot whilst walking. I spoke with my Gp and turns out my iron levels were low so rule out medical issues that my rule out tiredness. I realise that some days I had been taking on to much. I now take part in meditation and relaxation at home whilst keeping up with small exercises from physiotherapist.

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Hi @Val47 and welcome to the forum. Yes it could be old issues return with age but it also could just be something else. It could be also be coming from the hip so I’d suggest you get it checked out, maybe a bit of physio on it before resigning yourself to believing it’s a recurring stroke symptom.

Hello again
I must add that Yes I did recover almost all my abilities over the course of a few years and had an active life again. I didn’t get much aftercare from my local NHS and was told that you could improve for maybe 6 months then no more.
Let me tell you that isn’t true.
If you were fairly fit and pretty stubborn before your stroke you can make a lot of improvement…In my experience progress comes in stages… Sometimes you feel stuck but if you keep trying to make your body and brain work it you can get a lot back.
I’m just grumpy now because I’m getting ricketty in my old age and resenting it.
Thanks for all your replies.


Getting old and rickety is the pits! Fight it all you can, don’t let it beat you or waste your life is what I say :smile:

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