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I am trying to find online support groups, I am pretty sure they are there! A little while ago I seemed to find plenty but when I looked today there was about four countrywide. I can’t drive anymore, I live alone and I do have friends and relations but their goodwill is used for medical appointments. However I can do online and I like to talk! Can anyone help please?


I can’t help you with any more online support groups as I’ve not ventured that far in on the techy side of my stroke :laughing: but I think @SimonInEdinburgh could help you with that :smile:

There was some chatter about it in here with possible links.

Family and friends are not just for ferrying! You can phone them up for a natter, I’m sure they’d feel more appreciated if you just phoned up to see how they were doing. After all, we all a break away from our own conditions now and again :wink::smile:

@Georgie2021 there is a zoom open group run by @Bobbi that you could join. If you click on the 3 lines menu option, the select groups, and find zoom open group and select join you will be able to find lig in details for tye sessions ge runs (Fri @7pm, Sat @ 11am & Mon @ 2pm). You could also look at joining the stroke association online activities. Details can be found at this link.

I’m sure there are others but these may be a good place to start.


Thanks for mention @EmeraldEyes :slight_smile:

@Georgie2021 there are loads
Different strokes does a monthly chat- details on their web.
They also do exercise classes but I don’t think they are interactive.
There are sa online events run be Nicola and Lisa some are quizzes, there is or was? A genealogy one. (join the group online activities but also see the SA web.

on Thursdays I do 1:00 in the afternoon each week.
the link is
It runs on zoom.

I also put a post up some weeks ago with all the support groups the SA lists, and many other orgs too. many of which have online elements and there were literally hundreds. the link to that post is
Support Groups for Anne & anybody else 1of2 - #2 by SimonInEdinburgh

There are quite a a few others linked to Facebook groups here and in America and Australia. if you search on Facebook you’ll turn the groups up.
it’s not quite so obvious always how you get into there zoom conversations but they’re very welcoming if you do and they of course run at times that suit their time zone which can be quite convenient if you want things at different hours
I also put a post up about how easy it is to set up your own using a tool jit.si because zoom is more complicated than is needed jit.si is much easier
That post is

Now instead of using the family for very new to appointments you could jump online have a video with them you can even play games of chess and Chinese chequers or backgammon etc over some of these links

I might, as that post said add how to do meetings with Googlemeets and other free tools but I haven’t got round to that bit yet!

Your welcome to join me next thu at 1 :slight_smile:

Lemme know if u need more help

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i know the Different StrokesZoom chat meetings have already been mentoned but here’s the liink with meeting dates and joining details: Virtual Meetings | Different Strokes

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