Zoom sessions over the Christmas period -- Sessions - zing along with the zog - details inside

I hope to offer a few random Zoom sessions over the Christmas and New Year period.

The sessions will be open to all, at times yet to be announced, just turn up.

They will be relaxed affairs, come along and chill, it is after all the season of chill.

I’ll be pleased to meet up, wear a Xmas jumper, pinch one of Santa’s mince pies and talk more twaddle.

So if you are at a loose end I might see you around.

Link to join the Zoom Meeting:


Meeting ID: 742 6516 3394
Pass code: zoglogin

Times and days will be announced later

For example Friday 22nd Dec at 7.00 pm
A communal zog


Please feel free to post here to say hi



I have marked this page as watching so I can see when you are available. I so hope to join you for holidays. Always a fun time! If I can get someone to go to the store for me, I may bring along a hot toddy. Otherwise, hot cocoa. I don’t know what a Christmas jumpsuit is but suspect it may be what we call longjohns… if so, please do not show me the open back side of them!


I amwatching the Memphis tigers


Just to put your mind at rest @DeAnn in England a jumper is a sweat shirt.
It is upper body wear and the Christmas variety has colours and designs appropriate for the season.
I apologise for forgetting to wear mine, I was distracted before my last Zoom session.
Here’s a picture to illustrate:

A Christmas jumper can be a bit brash and tasteless but is always fit for family viewing.

. . . and you are right, no-one would want to view me in long johns, not a pretty sight.


I’m sure there should be a session today.
I’ll announce something, shortly. in the thread title line.
Morning, afternoon or evening, ZOG could be open
details at top of page, all welcome
:writing_hand: :santa: :+1:

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Christmas about Jesus



A happy holiday to you.


We call those ugly Christmas Sweaters and have parties with prizes based on the ugliest!


mine has flashing lights. I can feel really proud :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


yesterday I wrecked myself roasting vegetables and a duck
today I’ll wreck myself with a marathon Zoom session.
be a part of Christmas

ZOG today, all welcome

three sessions

11.00 am
3.00 pm
7.00 pm

see you there if you can make time

just pop in and say hello

twaddle and musings will be free flowing

keep on keepin’ on
:heart: :partying_face: :+1:

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merry christmas :santa:
thank you zoomers, for keeping me occupied today.
merry christmas :santa:
we’ll zoom again soon

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