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How to join a Zoom call

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There are two ways to join a Zoom call.

  1. Joining with a meeting number

  2. Joining with an email link


Joining with a meeting number

  1. Select the ‘Join’ icon.
    zoom join meeting

  2. Fill in the meeting ID. The meeting ID contains 9 numbers. The organiser of the meeting would have sent this to you.
    zoom enter meeting id

  3. Select ‘Join’ to connect to the call.


Joining with an email link

  1. The meeting organiser may send you an email or message with a link. They could also post it within a conversation here on the forum. It will look like this.
    zoom meeting url

  2. Click on the link to join the meeting.

  3. At the bottom of the email is the Meeting ID number.

  4. If your meeting has a password, you can find the password under the Meeting ID.
    zoom meeting password

  5. Once you join, you will be asked to join with computer audio. Click yes.


Common problems

If your sound or video isn’t working, you will need to check if these are turned on. You can check this using some icons in Zoom.

When in a call you will see icons. These icons have different functions.

If you are using your phone or a tablet you need to touch the screen to see the icons.


I am on mute

To unmute press the icon that looks like a microphone.
zoom mute icon

To mute your sound select the ‘Mute’ icon again.


My video isn’t appearing

Your phone, tablet or computer will usually have the camera at the top of the device. Usually right in the middle.

To turn your video on press the icon that looks a bit like a camcorder. It will say Start Video.
zoom video icon

To turn off your video select ‘Stop Video’ icon again.


I can’t see everyone

If there are lots of people on the call you might want to change your screen to see everyone.

To do this select the ‘Gallery View’ icon.
zoom gallery view


I’m in a waiting room

When you have joined a call you might see this.
zoom waiting room

This is known as a waiting room.

The meeting host might not have joined the call yet.

Once they have joined they will add you to the video call.


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