ZIM, a useful piece of Swiss Army Knife type software for your PC, laptop

Here is an extremely versatile piece of software which I find very useful and straight forward to use. I want to share it with you.

What makes it special is that it is available as a FREE download for macOS, Windows and Linux.

I use it to collect together notes, pieces of information, as an organizer and planner, as a journal, a collection manager. It can also be use to construct web pages.

At this time I am using it to collect the recipes I published on the mystrokeguide forum. I will probably eventually also use it to gather my other writings from the site.

Here is a link to the site which describes its use and has links for a download of the program.

Here are a few example screenshots.

If that has whetted your appetite, go check out https://zim-wiki.org/ for more info and the download.

I do recommend this piece of software. Hilary finds it invaluable. :+1:

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I use onenote.

I have it on the fone :iphone: and pc :computer: with the notes :notes: stored in the cloud :cloud: (on onedrive/ SharePoint) so I can access from any device and location

I find because I can dictate with gboard on the phone it’s good to open a note on the phone get text in to the notes easily by dictation and then edit it later on the PC if necessary

I would think the fact that it needs python pre-installed and the documentation talks about running it under Linux would be a hurdle for most users on here but I could be wrong (there is precedent!)


If you check it out you will realise that Zim has a number of functions other than as a simple notepad and installation on mac or Windows is very straight forward. Windows involves the usual sort of download for a program and mac has its own app, again only a download away.
Ask Hilary, she finds it invaluable.

There are no pre-requisites but for techy experts like you, @SimonInEdinburgh there is source code and you can compile for yourself, I suppose, together with the extra libraries. I don’t think you would want the Linux install Simon, more likely mac or Windows, but there is bsd if that was relevant.

Most users will just press the button for their operating system to install, as did both Hilary and myself.

Incidentally our computers have more than one OS available, sometimes necessary for more flexibility but none of this is essential for the ordinary user.
. . . but this is a diversion from the discussion.

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Thanks @Bobbi i shall have a look into it. I wonder if it can be downloaded onto an ipad :thinking:


I can’t see any reference to it running on an ipad but I can only say I am unsure about that.
Somebody is/was working on a version for Android called zimdroid but I think it is only in the development stage.

Unfortunately I think, for now, it is just for PC.
If I find more I will post.
In the meantime I’m getting back to my recipes.

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Thanks @Bobbi happy recipeing - if there is such a word :grin:

Aah ha - yes. Strangely they document Linux first.
but now you point out our I see that they then go on to say there’s is a windoze d/l.

What do you find to be the most useful features?

I use one note because I’m already paying with O365. It’s integrated with all the other Microsoft tools.
It makes wiki links by using “[[”, handles all media’s types with an attempt at being sensible, has tagging & good find abilities

Interestingly this fora has a ‘wiki’ function - but here it means a post is publicly editable & versioned.

Strikes me that would be useful, perhaps we can experiment? I’m struggling to think where an ordinary thread doesn’t suffice. I thought something that was reference like what meds have people stopped because of side effects & the replacements they find better?


At the moment I am using it to collect and catalogue the recipes I have posted on the Forum over time.

As a separate operation I am also collecting my posts about the progress I have made since joining the forum.

Both sets of data are scattered in the Forum and it will be useful to have them brought together in a coherent and cohesive grouping. Zim is letting me organise that, one of its useful functions.

With loads of time to spare I could also create a journal and record of my past both since having the stroke and also what was before. These matters of interest to me are an extremely small slice of this tool’s usage, which as the title of the thread suggests is quite multifarious, or should I say it is a swiss army knife with lots of uses.

The web page dedicated to the application is a function of that very same tool.

Anyway and whatever, I must get back to my scouring of the mystrokeguide forum. Take care and happy hunting.

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This is how my desktop looks as I work at copying recipes from the mystrokeguide forum

still plodding on. I am at recipe number 14. so far.

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One piece of software that I have found the most useful since my “episode” , that is probably already installed on your PC yet many people don’t realise, is the windows speech to text application.

It does exactly what its name implies and can be used within all MS office programs that I’ve tried so far (and may even work direct into this forum but I haven’t tried that yet).

If it’s of interest then the following gives a quick overview of where to find it and how to use it (including teaching it to understand you better) Windows 10 Speech Recognition Software 10 minute Tutorial. - YouTube

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Yes indeed and there are similar softwares for Apple, Android and Linux.
It isn’t something I have had much to do with but it must be very useful.

I’m still in the old days preferring stick shift to automatic.

I dare say soon we will be saying something along the lines of,
“Car, take me home, then go pick the kids up from school.”


If you’re rich enough (or live in Downton Abbey) then I think those days are already here i.e. just get your driver to do it :laughing:

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Nope I’m not in the bracket that can afford to keep a chauffeur, but I’d never be able to pay for one of those self drive ‘battery’ cars either.