Young Stroke Survivors


I am a 33yo which had a 1st dissection of my cerebellar artery 3 weeks ago… completely out the blue.
I then had a second one several days ago.

I am looking for young survivors to openly talk about there experiences and if local then be happy to get together and help eachother through.

I have 2 youngs kids, and am a Paramedic so my life has changed rather dramatically.

Look forward to hearing from you. X


Hi @Hunter1 just wanted to let you know there is another site called Different Strokes they are a charity for younger stroke survivors (under 65 I think) and they have a Facebook community I think you would benefit from. Not that you aren’t welcome here as well, but I hear where you are coming from :blush: I’ve never used it myself but have heard good things about it so you need to give it a try :smile:

There may also be some useful links within the Welcome post below


Hi You might find this website useful :-

Different Strokes is a UK stroke charity providing a unique service to younger stroke survivors.

Hooethis is helpful.

Regards Sue


@Hunter1 have a look at the Stroke Association support groups in your area too.

I would also recommend the Different Strokes Facebook Community.

Best wishes


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Hi @Hunter1
Welcome - the above welcome post will answer or signpost useful stuff.

DS is a group much like this one but on Facebook. Both groups have strengths and weaknesses because of their platform, facilities and complications or not, moderation, etc

DS run zoom-based meetings about once a fortnight at different times. Details on Virtual Meetings | Different Strokes but next is 28th Nov at 1330 on .
A bunch of us meet on Thursdays at 1:00 UK time on and Bobby runs a zoom on Friday evenings but you need to join the ZOG group for the details.

DS has about 30 face-to-face groups around the country and there are several hundred face-to-face groups some of which are linked to the stroke association and listed on the forum at Support Groups for Anne & anybody else 1of2 - You might find the find on a map facility useful

DS have a useful pack to help kids at When Mum or Dad Has a Stroke What Do You Tell The Children? | Different Strokes



Different Strokes accepted me even though they first insisted on establishing that I was just a wee bit above their age guideline. Good on them, I strongly disapprove of ageism.
They have similar Q&A postings but obvs in Facebook format. I would caution that they do seem to have a lot more rants than we have here. Quantity isn’t everything of course and I do feel that our rants are of a superior quality, often offering the opportunity for an appropriate comedic slapdown.

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I disagree with the ageism approach too :slight_smile:

Yes there are some topics of specific interest to the young as there are to the old. For example I don’t have the challenge of very young children such as one-handed nappy changing!
Generally I think we’re all better off embracing the diversity with tolerance and inclusion. Both communities have some groups with special interest

I think DS like this forum is actually made by the members not by the hosting organisation. Something that is less understood here than there. DS also have some more of a community outside of the platform - EG the abseiling days & two recent in person get-togethers.

The Facebook algorithms do DS community a disservice. They are designed to generate addiction by having a fast flow of new topics (because facebook’s customer are the advertisers for whom they sell generated demographic information) The result is there is not the depth of discussion that sometimes happens here EG the thread on post stroke central pain.

It has the advantage though that the world and their dog already has familiarity with Facebook. Also that everybody already has a Facebook account. & It also has the advantage that it’s a closed group whereas this one is publicly visible - so that the search engines drive traffic to the host organisation’s websites - although that’s slightly broken by using a separate domain name - a strategic error?

The community there has its stalwarts like Mel, Jill, Anthony, Charlotte and previously Rosh that are equivalent to many here. DS is less tolerant of links to other charitable organisations - protection of fundraising perhaps.

DS It’s just one of a whole slew of Facebook groups I think I’m a member of about 10 that are specifically stroke plus there is discord and redit too.

I’m not aware of a truly independent strokewarrior community that doesn’t have either Facebook as a disadvantage or an owning corporate as a factor - I wrote the following 18 months ago Digitally Enabled Chronic Care Community Networks: beyond '1hr Fortnightly zoom Cafés' - I think the time is maturing to write a chapter 2 that covers my experience in the interim.