You never can tell

Well my first soft boiled eggs in over two years
One armed with some assistance from my good lady and tasted so good


Looks like you enjoyed that…nothing left at all. I do like soft boiled egg with soldiers :grin:

Yes was pleased with my abilities and was quite hungry, like you love a good soft boiled egg.

Haven’t had a boiled egg since! Too hard to manage.
Had lots of scrambled but it’s now sweet like saccharin :frowning:

Take it slowly, I managed by slowly picked the top shell off then dig into the egg, hardest part was scraping out the inside , my wife stabilised the shell and I was sorted.


I hope you gave your shell stabilizer appropriate thanks & praise and remembered to book her for another session in the future.
The delights of soft boiled eggs need to be sampled regularly.

Fully agree, hidden gem’s simple but very tasty, can be tricky to clean out the contents, but a small amount of help sees it done

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Yes thanks my shell stabiliser is the best and as she puts it every little improvement is a win for both of us, she is very happy when she sees me trying to get back to my old self.


My gratz to the two of you, double rewards for working as a team.

Keep on keepin’ on
:smiley: :+1:

Cheers Bobbi, best team ever always worked well together ,and achieved miracles

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