You can’t help everybody but everybody can help someone

We’ve just listened to this quote by Nick Knowles on an old DIY SOS programme and it’s so true. Thank you all for your support this last week as I had reached the stage where I was planning to visit my GP and succumb to the antidepressants he was offering me. I haven’t had a Stroke but my emotions and tears constantly bubbled to the surface. Family and close friends, not so close friends even strangers I got into conversation with also noticed my wobbly state. This after 21 months of knowing John is slowly recovering.

Reading all the stories and messages of support you are giving each other has really helped me get things into perspective. I realise now that I have been doing too much and not giving myself enough space - an easy thing to do when you want the best for the one you love. Well, I’ve pulled back (a bit) now. No more climbing up the ladder to clean the guttering,,,,  Our holiday will help recharge my batteries and I’ll not stop John helping when he wants to. However, I don’t think he’ll manage our duvet on his own! It is super king size lol!  

So thank you all, each and every one of you, you’ve helped me, John, my worried family and friends,,,,, you are all amazing! 

I love to hear of tales like yours and John. You're being respectful of John and the progress he's made by giving him the opportunities to continue his recovery at his pace while celebrating his current successes. I believe this recognises the changes his stroke has brought but equally sees the new potential that new John has.  An amazing balancing act. 

But as you have found its all to easy to loose the you in the partnership.  Good luck! With reclaiming you! 


Thank you, Kay. Your own struggles have been instrumental in pulling me up short. John doesn’t ‘do’ technology although he occasionally dictates messages but he always wants to know what’s going on lol! He’s following this message board,,,,at a distance lol!    ?????

A man after my own heart!  Do you know where I might find a good P.A.????? ?????

Hi Veronica, lock up the vaccum cleaner, throw away the dusters, there's nothing so important as being together, absolutely nothing - it's a shame that many of us have learned that the hard way, but at least we've found out and can do something about it!!  Partners and families need time and rest too if we're to be supportive over the long-term.  I'm so thankful that I found the friendies on this site, they give me so much encouragement, and that's clearly the same for you - best wishes, Nic ?