Yes, I have had a stroke....fancy a mince pie?

Well, what an interesting day. First a tumble on the way to the tumble drier, then shopping, then a nap and, now, mince pies. Life after stroke has to be fought for every day, but, yes, we can have a life after stroke. PS the mincemeat is home made too


Glad you didn't hurt yourself after your little tumble ( sorry about the pun) but I must say those mince pies look amazing, and homemade mincemeat it's years since I've made that.

Thanks for telling us of your journey back from stroke and words of wisdom, a Happy New Year to you.


The same to you Ann. It is a journey none of us want to make, but that has been our lot in life. I am lucky that I have been able to recover to certain degree. I hope that all of us can recover more.

Ooooh JJM, you tease us with your delicious pies, I wish I was your neighbour, I'd definitely be able to "help" you with those ?.  Hope you don't have any aches and pains today, sometimes these things appear after the event ?.  Take care and enjoy the day xx

I am getting reflective over what lies ahead. 2020 seems a date I never really expected to see. Space age or something.

Pre stroke I would write out realistic new years resolutions and , more often than not, I would stick to them. I guess the "goals" replaced the resolutions for three years. Now I dont know which way to jump. So I am working steadily on all those little annoying tasks rather than writing them down. and I will be positive about everything I can. I look forward to planting seeds in the spring.

Something bothers me a little. I never hear from any SS who says they have recovered to how they were pre stroke. I believe we never go back to how we were but I hoped we might arrive at a good alternative place. But no one ever says that. Is it that we might wish to detach from all matters stroke. Or is it that we need to set out where we are going with our new life ?

I must add that things are so unrecognizably better than the first two years, so much better that it allows me to discuss these options !


When I had my stroke one of the first things I read was an account of a doctor who had a stroke at the same years and, after 9 years, was back to as he was before. That gave me hope when all seemed lost. Like you, however, I am of a certain age, so who knows. I also aim for small improvements and certainly have no New Year resolutions. Happy New Year to you.

No aches and pains, fortunately, but I must be careful in future. The main reason for the post was to alert others to the need to learn how to get up from a fall. It was also a reminder to self about taking things more slowly.

As for the pies, you would be welcome to one if you lived nearer. However, it's also an example of what can be done if one puts one's mind to it. Fortunately, we had the means to modernise our kitchen after my stroke and it is now more suitable for age and disability. We also now have two 'comfort height' toilets marketed locally as being suitable for 'tall people and the elderly'. They are wonders to behold....and use!

I agree Colin, I don't think we get back to how we were before the stroke even if it was very mild. I sometimes have times when I feel fine, almost like pre stroke, but then someone will ask me a question which I immediately seem to struggle with the answer, it's just another problem with short term memory loss which is the main issue I have.

One thing I have done recently is to take my BP medication at bed time and I have to say it has helped enormously with how I feel in the morning, I used to feel really hung over and didn't feel that great but I feel really well now - no more hung over feeling which means I can start the day when I get up instead of several hours later.

Coping with the effects of stroke is a real learning curve which at times does get you down a bit but I know it could have been a lot worse. I still made and iced 6 Christmas cakes in Nov/ Dec which I was really pleased with I just needed to plan things more than would have done. 

One thing I have recently noticed  is that I have a lot of pains in my hands and keep getting cramp and pins and needles in my feet. I'm thinking it's all part and parcel of the stroke. What do you think?

Anyway here's to a peaceful New Year to us all and thanks for your words of wisdom Colin.


Dear Ann

Thank you for your helpful posting.

I get more and more convinced that we do not recover to the previous person.  We have lost bits of our brain so I dont see how we can possibly be the same person. 

I too suddenly can not deal with a question or a situation. I think the word overwhelmed describes it.

This time of year might well be bad. My diary for purely stroke things does suggest the dark months are the worst.

Just an idea or two about the pains and numbness or pins and needles:

First, you probably have a weak side, lets say its your left (eg right side of brain is damaged). Well during recovery we might be so pleased to walk/climb a ladder/wash the sink that we overload the good side. I have done that big time. And I didnt grasp what was going on. I just got pains and problems that need to be avoided. So now its necessary to ease the good side and try to use the weak side. Not easy.

Next, my yoga teacher reckons that the stroke burnt the nerve endings. This seems to fit my discomfort. She gets me in to a straight position and gives me tiny, easy exercises. They have helped me a lot. I really need her to tell me exactly how to move and I will start to have individual one to one sessions soon, so that I can learn. At present it is a small group and I am the only stroke survivor. Something I cant sort is that my core is way way off centre. Perhaps the extreme for me is just me. I need to teach my brain to correct this imbalance and I am not good at this bit.

I previously drank tonic water each day to reduce the cramps. The quinine is thought to be the effective substance involved. Now I drink real mineral water. Not a lot, just a small glassful twice a day. This is even more effective at keeping the cramp down. I buy Pellegrino. It contains the mineral traces. Maybe other mineral water has the same. Mine is fizzy and is, I trust, from a natural spring.

I am sure these discomforts are a by product of a stroke. Our brains are now working differently and so all sorts of issues will pop up. 

Nice to see the sun here today


Name those pastries!!!!  None of them homemadeand certainly not as tasty as a homemade mince pie!!  Looks like I chose the wrong day to reduce my sugar intake.  

Two Portugese custard tarts for starters. Good for you. We survivors need sustenance.

Happy New Year Colin,

Just came across your post. I am 9 months post subarachnoid hemorrhage (bleed on the brain) and can honestly say that I do feel near enough to my old self as I can. I'm just waiting for the DVLA to ok my driving licence as my consultant is happy for me to return to driving so I can then get back to work. Here's hoping that 2020 is a better year x

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Dear Katy

Thanks for the reply.

I am fascinated by the variations between bleeds and clots. And yes, I have noted a few bleeds who seem to actually recover better than us clots. Yet the bleeds seem so much more severe than the clots.

I am so pleased that you are feeling your old self again. 

Getting your licence back will increase your independence a lot.

I wish you a happy 2020 and a lovely life to follow


I made several batches of mince pies but unfortunately used the wrong flour for the first batch so they were a hard. The second batch were really nice, though, and much appreciated by my son who loves mince pies and would happily eat them all year round! smiley