I’ve started yawing in the last few days - is this anything to be concerned about?

@DDMH yawning can be a sign of stroke fatigue. I did this a lot in the first few months after my stroke. I was regularly apologising as I’d yawn when someone was talking to me or if I was on the telephone. Was a bit embarrassing. It has got better over time. My mum said the other day I’d had a whole conversation with her & didn’t yawn once…progress :rofl:


I yawn all the time. Partly due to lack of stimulus and sometimes from overdoing things. Nothing to worry about.

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Apparently it’s a side effect of Citalopram and my dose has just been increased so it could be something to do with that?

@DDMH it could well be. I don’t take citalopram so not sure of side effects. Am sure someone else will help though.