Would love some advice

Hello my husband had a stroke Fri I'm his carer and wife he home now he been left with his left side and coradition is weak he having philosophy started today would love some advice please x

Hi Lorraine it's a long road so you need to prepare yourself and not try and do everything yourself.

this site is great it was recommended to me after my Dad suffered two strokes last year, his second left him with mobility and decision making issues. Over months of physio he has slowly but surly improved everyday . He actually starts physio at the gym this week he is now stronger.

you do need to make sure, you have a break and talk. This site is great for advice, if you need a rant or even read old posts. Take care x

Hope your husband is ok to start with. What advice are you looking for? Im a stroke survivor myself I'm only now 34 years old I had a stroke when I was just 25.x

Hi Lorraine, So sorry to hear of your husband’s stroke. These are very early days and he will be at his weakest, both physically and emotionally. You will also be in great distress. You do not say anything about his ability to move on his left side, but on going physiotherapy is essential as will your support and encouragement.

It is important to remember Stroke is a brain injury, so there is no sudden cure. He may also struggle with post stroke fatigue and need bed rest during the day. He will also have the underlying fear of another stroke. Make sure he rests when necessary. The fatigue and the fear will ease over time, as will your fears. Even with physiotherapy progress can be slow, but encourage him to do all he can with his weak arm and leg. Progress can seem slow at first, but the more he works at it, he better he will get. He may also need a change in diet and lifestyle. The more he does, the more ability he will get, although he may not get back the old life he and you were used to.

You also need to look after yourself and take what breaks you can to avoid being worn out with caring. There are also support groups for carers and you may benefit from linking with one of these. Above all, do not despair. There is life after  stroke. Please ask anything you want on this forum. Someone will always help you. I wish you both all the best.

Dear Lorraine

So sorry to hear of your husband getting a stroke.

A few thoughts:

Say hello to him from me.

Keep safely to hand the diagnosis that the hospital will send to your GP. If he hasnt got a copy then staff at the GP will provide one.

Get him to keep a diary briefly saying how he is each day. Then he can monitor his progress.

Ask him to drink lots of extra water. The brain needs this whilst he is recovering.

If his diagnosis is Transient then recovery will be quick and complete. If its not transient then be prepared for a long period of recovery.

Read the leaflets that the stroke association have available. They are very good.

Hope these odd thoughts help a bit





Thank u xxx 

Hi Lorraine,  I completely  agree with the advice everyone has given and would highly recommend that you find a support group near you. My husband is my carer and he has gained as much from the group as I have. We have gained lots of information from the group that we would never have known otherwise. We found our support group through Different Strokes(which is aimed at younger stroke survivors - I'm 58). I'm 2 years post stroke and still learning things, as you can never have enough good advice.


Good luck both of you