Worse things happen at sea

I have been around here for a while but have never told the story of my stroke.  I am probably one of the longest post-stroke here. I am expert at doing things one-handed including driving, gardening, knitting, tapestry and putting up shelves. Anyway:

In May 1990 I was at a conference for work in Florida. After we finished the first day I went for a swim in the sea. After a couple of minutes I got caught in a riptide (undertow) and started to drown. This caused my blood pressure to rise which then burst an aneurysm and put me into a coma. Someone on the beach saw I was in trouble and pulled me out. An ambulance came and took me to hospital.

 I was in a coma for 3 weeks, then after another 3 weeks it was decided it would be better (cheaper) to fly me home. I stayed in hospital in the UK until December. When I left I could walk a few steps but had no use of my left arm. By April I had recovered my driving licence, returned to my house living on my own and had returned to work part-time.

My big problem now is insomnia, post-stroke I average 2 hours a night. I still have no use of my left arm and have to use a wheelchair. but I’m still here, still fighting and enjoy my life. There’s grief for the life I lost and times when I get frustrated, but I came so close to losing everything that what I have now is a bonus. I think there was a point when I was sat at home and thought ‘This is how you are, get on with it’.




Thank you for sharing that. Truly inspirational.

I agree what an amazing and inspirational story. Thank you for sharing with us.

Thanks very much for telling your story - what an experience, and what fortitude and fight you have shown.  

With regard to the insomnia, "Onwards & Upwards" has posted details of a pillow spray which she has used successfully, another SS on this site has also just started to use it.  It might be worth checking it out - if you can find her post, sorry this site is difficult.  If I find it I'll send you the link. 

Keep up your good work, take care yes

Hi Janet,

Here's the link: