Worrying again

Hi guys it's carlene again ,just needing a bit if help my shoulder blade is hurting and I'm freaking out because off the stroke that I had in January. I really wish I could live normally, instead if being scared all the time, waiting for another stroke. Please tell me this will be ok x

Hi there. Don't worry, your shoulder  is probably aching, because your brain is making new route ways. After a major stroke four years ago, my fingers started to work again, but became very painful when I got into bed at night. This stopped after time. My weak left shoulder still feels stiff all the time even though it is not paralysed and functions quite well.

Your fears will ease with time. We all would love to live 'normally' but recovery from stroke takes time. Be patient and keep striving to improve.

Thank you for your response,  it really helped . X

Had stroke 2 years ago lost use of right arm and hand wonder any hopes of improvement ?

Definitely yes! I had a stroke in 2017 and my right side has been (and still) affected but every year I notice a slight difference. Slight and small but still an improvement. I lost my abiltity to do things with my right hand, including finding my face and my mouth LOL and writing with my right hand. I am right handed so you can imagine my frustration. I can remember my physiotherapist putting up big boards and holding my fingers so I can hold a pen and make a single squiggle. A child could have done better. But I can write with my right hand now and use my right hand the way I used to do it pre-stroke. It is still a bit weak but I just keep on moving, exercising and using it. At least now it can find my mouth. ?

Keep moving that arm and trying to do things you want to do. It will be frustrating, depressing and sometimes you will feel hopeless but if you keep moving you will notice that slowly - very slowly indeed - things will improve.

EVERY MOVEMENT COUNTS! No matter how small and comical they are. 

It is up to you to make those movements. People can help, love and support you but at the end of the day you will have to make that move.

Wishing you the best. Have a good and interesting weekend.

Ruby ☺


Hi, I totally agree with Ruby. When I was in hospital, I was told to utilise my weak hand and arm as possible. I still do this. As Ruby says, every little movement helps and repetitive exercises, although tedious, works wonders.

Havevyou had support from Physio? A physio Service will work out your starting point and record all improvements. Good luck!

Dear Awyren

Exactly as Ruby says. yes you can get recovery. Keep at it. Smile endlessly, be positive and keep your brain rested and hydrated.

The stroke that bit me initially left me 90% paralysed. But I was mended quite well. Physical stuff in months. Language about six months. The fatigue is the slowest part.

So keep moving that right arm. Doesnt need to be anything much, just move what you can. At two years you can recover very well, dont let the stroke win. Keep moving every day.


Thank you so much for you're encouragement, will try ever so hard.  Regards. Ken.

Thank you so much Ruby for you're most informative message.

Used to play Guitar and Keyboards, miss it so much. Have worked hard at attempting movement of right hand, but after 3 years no progres.  Must persevere . Regards  Ken








You should persevere. It will be very frustrating but it will be better than doing nothing at all. Very best wishes ☺

Keep up the good work! Little gains + concerted effort = long term gains!