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hi everyone my dad had a massive stroke in may he’s 68 he lost half of his brain he Cannot talk, he can say yes and no and random odd words, he lost the use of his right side my mums given up work to be his full time carer she’s worry’s all the time about his emotions, the stroke happened in there bedroom mum wants to move dads hospital bed upstairs but is worried he will remember what happened and not want to be there, do you think he will talk again sorry so many questions x x thank you x x 

The emotional effects of a stroke can be devastating initially but they do seem to ease after a while. Just keep trying to do things for him until he starts to want to do them himself.


Hi Amanda - so sorry to hear about your Dad's stroke, it's going to be a tough journey, but he's lucky to have you and your mum to support and to reassure him.  Don't let him give up, give him plenty of rest, and seek help from as many sources as possible, eg physiotherapists, occupational therapists etc.  Read through posts on this site, you will find that many people have had good recoveries from a very poor starting point, so it's important to remain positive.  You will get lots of answers to your questions, and you will learn a lot from stroke survivors and their families.

Very best wishes to you, make sure you also get time to rest xx

I too had stroke in my bed. When I came home from hospital I did baulk about being where I fell from my bed. For six weeks I slept with the light on. Now all is well in that respect. So on balance I would want to be moved upstairs and face what has happened. We have to face our injuries and we cant pretend they never happened. I had good and successful counselling for post traumatic shock,the shock being the stroking itself. I didnt realize that I had PTS so could have suffered for months. 

People have recovered from losing huge parts of their brain. I think there is a book by Jill Rolte (?) setting out her recovery from a massive stroke.

Best wishes.


Amanda everyone is different...my dad had a major stroke at the beginning of the year he was left unable to communicate and it was like he was a child. Unable to go realise when he needed th toilet, how to stand, ect....

he has now come so far getting out and about again and communicating again. 

It will take time look after yourself to. Xx

Thank you x 

Thank you x