World Stroke Day 2023 - 29th October

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I have recently become aware that it is World Stroke Day on the 29th October 2023…,alongside%20a%20stroke%20prevention%20message.

I have no idea what to do to promote this and if you click the link you will see they are trying to promote:

This year the World Stroke Day campaign is focused on stroke prevention, and we are leading with the hopeful message that by taking some key actions we can massively reduce our risk of stroke. Audiences are being encouraged to ‘take charge’ by getting informed about and taking steps to manage risks. Specific calls to action include: getting your blood pressure checked, having a health check, getting support to quit smoking and doing what you can to eat healthier and increase physical activity.

Which I think is great.

I’m not sure what to do to help promote this so I have tried to do what I can with my health restrictions and tell all my friends and family and email my football club West Ham’s accessibilty head, who I am friendly with, and say hey - claret and blue is purple - cmon lets get a big screen thing up at half time at our match on the 29th please saying ‘let’s be healthy and stop srrokes’ or something… If someone can pay £20 quid to pay for her son’s 7th bday to be shown on the big screen at half time I will happily pay that for World Stroke Day and I have said the same to Julie. But I doubt I will have to pay anything. She’s cool.

I have also asked my season ticket holder housemate JP to do the same at aston villa.

It’s only a few weeks away!!!

Hope this get’s around!!


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Oh and sorry of course for 2024:


I quote @rups in 2021:


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And @bobbi in 2022

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I love this. Made me cry


Twitter is normally fairly active with a hashtag leading up to worldstroke Day

Problem with that is the only people who see it are the ones already following it a stroke hashtag and they typically have less need to be told about prevention

The accessibility lead at major sporting outlets is a good one .

Something on the label of dairy, salted and alcohol products would be good but would primarily target only ischaemic and not hemorrhagic, but then I believe ichchemic is more common…

Bit late to be campaigning on a more fundamental level for this year’s but there is always the opportunity to be more concerted for next year’s WSD?

It’s the sort of thing that this community could do if it increased its degree of cohesiveness


I usually advertise it on my Facebook page. I also did a story at work for Stroke awareness month back in May.


Yes. Around 87% of strokes are ischemic (blood clots).

My mother had a hemorrhagic stroke caused by low platelets (very rare). Other causes of these strokes are severe high blood pressure, brain trauma, blood vessel disorders, severe migraines, etc.

Whilst both are types are strokes, there are differences between them in terms of recovery, effects, etc. Those with hemorrhagic strokes are more likely to have seizures, for example. There are no real big advantages to having one kind of stroke over another in the long-term. But brain bleeds are more deadly at the beginning if the bleed doesn’t stop.

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Diolch yn fawr, I really think that World Stroke Day should be observed on the same day as World Brain Day or, perhaps, the day after. In fact, both should be included in the Mental Health Awareness Week. There’s so much upstairs, that humanity sort of hangs in the balance of it, it would be splendid to see people talking about and acknowledging the old cerebral matter for a week in all the cultural ways we are capable of, whether it be telly, writing, music or art.