World Stroke Day 2021

I just wanted to highlight World Stroke Day, and thank everyone on this site for being so supportive, and inclusive. Recovery is a tough slog, and we've all had this thing called a stroke which has bookmarked a part of our lives, but we can rebuild a better brain, and this new chapter signifies us being special individuals with brave perspectives despite the anxiety and disconsolation that can surround apoplexy. 

Our resilience has been stretched to the limit, but we're not broken, we are survivors, we have survived. Our bodies and brain have deflected the blow, and as much as we've all suffered the injury from that, we will heal in time, notwithstanding a few residual symptoms we all must bear.  

So, let's metaphorically hold hands as one, and use our collective willpower to find courage in going forward, and enjoying our lives, and also appreciating the world we live in, as well as, being alive together with a common life scar that shows to others that we were struck but won the duel.



Brilliant post Rups, thanks. 

Here here!!

Thanks Rups for your post, you sum up exactly how we all feel following a stroke, the residual symptoms we all have unseen by others. I'm so grateful for the support of this site so I'm hoping? the new site will be straightforward to navigate when it's up and running.