Itseems my stroke is not bad enough for pip or any other benefit as my wife works but not good enough to go back to being a carer the hours will be shorter and because I need a stick from time to time outside my HR manager could even stop me going back. Anyone got any helpfull advise as to my rights thanks des

Dear Des

PiP applications are rejected somewhat too easily.

have a second go. Better still, get help with the application, perhaps from CAB.

i shudder when i read comments that describe stroke as mild. There isnt anything mild about stroke. I shudder when i read comments that refer to my stroke. We dont choose a stroke and we dont want one.

any hint of a reason to reject a PiP might be jumped upon, so my stroke or mild stroke might generate a fail.

i am too old for PiP but i receive AA. Age concern filled in the application and i got the extra payment.

best wishes





Hi Des. Have you looked into ESA (employment and support allowance). If you were working and have paid NI contributions over the previous two years you can claim contribution based esa which isn't means tested.

Thanks Colin it was only a trial run though to see how many points I could get. There ask you can you do this and that and all of them I can do even on a bad day ? so that is a no goer but we will see in time what my firm say but today a do feel washed out  do you find this thanks des

Hi Thanks yes I know about it and in November if amnotvat work and my SSP run UTI will fill in the form. Howeve it's just been changed to you have to activatley being looking for work. Who will give a job to a then 62 year old will a stammer a stroke and a and a left hand that almost works dueto a milk bottle going nearly though my hand. And I have mild OCD ? it's a wonder I have work for 45 years all the best des

Dear Des

regret to say i get washed out. I make a huge effort to get good nights sleep and then i can get perhaps three hours effort. Then its wash out time, or SF as i call it. Things have improved over time. Progress is so slow i can hardly tell. A stroke diary helps a lot, then i can see what improvements i get.

best wishes


It's a pain in the neck it's feeling washed out people say have rest but it's not always down to tiredness. It's been worse these last two days the heat does not help. Hope all goes well at your part f the world kind regards des

Only another SS understands. I believe there are one million of us. The support is atrocious. Today i have done ninety minutes at my voluntary admin job and three hours grass cutting. The admin work brought me to a standstill. The grass cutting puffed me out but not to a standstill.

admin task causes me stress because i cant remember things. 
thank goodness i dont have to work for a living. 
well i simply could not hold a job down. 



Hello Colin, three hours grass cutting? Fancy coming to cut my grass in the orchard, it's up to my hips! wink I am trying to prepare myself for some time with the brush cutter, but so far haven't felt the right time to do it. 

I'm in the support group for esa and you're not expected to look for work in that group. probably because they know you're not capable and no one would employ you.

I know the feeling 2 to 3 hours of hard DIY and that's me done in lol

Thanks yes I have read about it. Will have to look into it if I cannot go back to work and when my SSP runs out hope all is well des

Dear Rups

i am chuffed that i can do the grass in four hours (3hrs today and one hour yesterday). It took a lot longer a while ago.

a brush cutter, thats a mean machine. Do be careful. We cant do things we did pre stroke.