How early should you start back to work??

I have been off 5 months but still get tired, i am thinking of my health and will return maybe in may ? not sure. what after affects do you get ? x

Hi Sue

There is no set time when you should return to work - everyone is different, just as every stroke is different. You could speak to your GP to chat about your recovery and whether they believe you are fit to start work again, but it is important to take your time and don't rush things. 

There is some useful information in 'Advice and Information' about returning to work, which may be of benefit to you -

Take care



Dear Karen

I have noted other peoples experiences and, as a rough guide, it seems that nine months is about the time that most of us can start to do some work. It is highly preferable to start part time, with reduced hours and fewer days per week. But of course employers need to be happy with the arrangement. If your employer has an OT then discuss with them what they can offer. Otherwise talk to HR. 

Common effect is to get "post stroke tiredness" which is a lot more than being sleepy tired. More like fatigue and exhaustion. Check yourself to see how you are with sounds and vision. I am OK with these two but many others are not. Try doing the journey to work.

Be prepared for your work colleagues. They will not understand what you are going through. You probably look well, so others can not accept you are injured. I say I am injured, not ill. I also say I have permanent brain damage, but thats not many peoples taste !

Good luck Karen.


hi sue, i had my stroke last august and there is no way i could consider returning yet, so you must take your time.  I think alot depends on the type of job you do.  I am a teaching assistant in a primary school and it just is not possible given the type of work/safety/patience/stress etc that I can consider it. My fatigue and memory issues just do not suite that situation.  Think about the type of work you do and what you can cope with, listen to your body.All the best Wendy

Hi. I went back to work five months after having a stroke, I had it on 19th April 2017and was back 19th September 2017. It took hard work as I Lost the use of my left hand/arm. I think I concentrated so much on the physical aspect of the stroke, that I'm still dealing with the mental and emotional impact. I work for the bhs and my managers didn't seem to comprehend what I was and am going through.Take as much time as you need.