Work dilemma

Hi i had a stroke 6 months ago, I was able to go back to work, after 3months,i work as a support worker,and experiencing some negative comments because management have advised i don't push wheel chairs yet, but has anyone else experienced any thing like this. This is not my choice and it's really getting me down, as there are comments made daily. 

Hi Maza,

Would it help you if you had a more detailed and formal assessment of your physical capabilities. That way you can establish what is expected of you and formulate a plan to add in new skills as they become appropriate or necessary.  Just a thought.  I had a 2 hour assessment ahead of my second meeting to plan my return to work.  This isn't due until November 20th. But I and my manager as well as H.R know what to O.H physio says I am capable of at the moment.  Plus have a schedule of how more hours and additional tasks will be introduced  .

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I am so impressed you can go back to work so soon. Well done Maza. The only ones who know what you are going through are other stroke survivors. People can be so mean about us SS. Part of it is because we look well. A lot is huge ignorance. What they cant see is the inside of your poor damaged brain.

best wishes


hi Maza

it is really tough. 

I would urge you to keep a record of any comments made. these could and probably do constitute disability discrimination. I have experience of similar things and if I could have chosen a different path I would not have gone back.. one of my more trusted colleagues kept record of things others were saying about me. I had considered employment tribunal action but felt it was too stressful for ne. I have been back at work for over a year now but it has not been a happy experience. 

less stressfully I would strongly recommend two things:

apply to access to work for a workplace assessment. their assessors have been quite useful in my experience and they will provide support and guidance for your employer about reasonable adjustments that they can make  they are legally obliged to make reasonable adjustments. many arguments can be had about what counts as reasonable. 

the second thing is to get an occupational health assessment. normally you r employer would have to pay for this. access to work might be able to help if you r employer is a small organisation.  you will need to talk to cyour employers as they should refer you. is your relationship with your employer ok?

if there is tension. you can can get mediation through Acas, even better if you are a union member talk to them. if you aren't a member join one ASAP. normally you need to be a member for a few months before you can get access to their full service. if you have support from an occupational therapist get them to help you. they may be able to liaise with your employer. I was very fortunate to have an OT help me with this vin the early days  it was nearly a year before I was able to return to work. so youre doing great. you don't have to accept comments that make you feel bad. it is harassment and can be challenged. you may not have the energy for all this, so get help where you can. I would go for access to work first. the application is online and quite easy. though I needed help first time because anything online stressed me unbelievably.  the phrase reasonable adjustment is your best friend. 

I hope you get through this. you will need lots of support and your work colleagues won't get it. I am over two years post stroke and still significantly disabled. it took me a long time to accept that. but it is the case. and as disabled people we have rights, including the right to not be harassed by hurtful or demeaning comments. and others such as employers have legal obligations. unfortunately not everyone remembers this and we find too often that the onus is on us to prove ourselves. this is wrong, but often the case. so we need allies. who has got your back? talk to them. I haven't yet used my union, but I find it reassuring to know that I could. I have faced discriminatory behaviour. and at one stage thought my job was under threat. I can't fight this alone and have had a lot of help from various people.

I hope some of this helps. I am looking for a new occupational health assessment to support some changes i need in my workplace. I have had a recent workplace assessment and will get some help.

keep your spirits up. that you are able to work at all is a huge step forward. I try and remind myself of that when it gets tough, and it has been a nightmare recently. 

let us know how it goes. 


I feel really outraged that people are so spiteful, the pressure it places on SS struggling to regain their lives is unbearable.  Bottom line: it's bullying, it wouldn't be acceptable for any other group, but it seems to be open season for people unfortunate enough to have been hit by a stoke.  Once again it's lack of public knowledge, stroke does not have a high profile, unlike cancer, heart disease etc