Work after stroke

Hi Everyone

I pop on here and read a lot about what is going on etc. I do not post a lot but have done in the past.

I am just over 4 years post stroke. I feel I have done remarkably well considering the initial prognosis. Anyway, long story short. I managed a slow phase return to my job after quite some time (I can’t remember how long) and although I have not managed to return full time, I work 3 days a week now.
I have had reasonable adjustments and changed how I work to ensure I do my job well.
This has been going really well. I have had hurdles along the way but on whole, I have managed well.
January 2024, I have a new manager. I say manager, they do not know how to manage and they certainly have no leadership skill what so ever! It has seen a high level of sickness and now people are leaving. I know it is not just me as I was starting to think it was. I was wondering why am I becoming worse, to the point where I had to have two weeks of sick leave. Since phasing back I have not required sick leave.
I have spoken to her about what post stroke is like and why I have reasonable adjustments etc. but I feel like I am being forced out of my job.
I dread going to the job I love and I know it is because it is exhausting me due to the addition work they are literally piling onto me. When challenged, I am not being listened to, none of us are to be fair. I can’t see things getting any better.
I have started to look for a new job but there isn’t much out there for me at present and I am worried about job interviews.
I use to love job interviews, weird right? but I did and I have always been fortunate to be offered the job I interview for.
I am not as confident now and it worries me.
I feel that this long after the stroke, surely I should be managing better??? I am not sure what I am trying to say. I have only just turned 50, I am not ready for retirement yet!!
How are others managing when they return to work?

I think a chat with hr is needed. The company were supporting you well until you had a new manager. Write a iist of concerns

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Hi @Loopyj

as @Veggiepatch suggests have a word with HR and emphasise that you were doing well in your role with necessary adaptations applied and you are very grateful for that.

Make the point that the current situation is moving staff generally to leave. And familiarise yourself with Constructive dismissal - Dismissals - Acas

It may not help you want the current job but it’s likely to worry your employer if they have got a liability

you might share the link with the people who are leaving to?


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@Loopyj well done on getting on so well at work. It’s amazing how a change in manager can make such a difference to morale etc. I think a chat with HR or the managers manager is needed as the cost to the business will be huge if this continues.

Maybe now might be a good time to ask for an occupational health referral so you can refresh your reasonable adjustments & get added in the affect the extra pressure is having on you. A new manager is a good time to get it refreshed & relooked at. An employer is obliged to make adjustments for you & if they’re already in place they’d be on dodgy ground if they say now they can’t accommodate them.

I find that extra pressure at work sends my fatigue into overdrive & I have to walk away from it & take time out…whether that’s 5 minutes or the rest of the day. I ensure I tell my boss about all these occasions & i make sure they are documented too. I have a very understanding boss but when i was chatting to her a couple weeks back she said she was happy just to do some things adhoc & she’d have no issues supporting it all. I said thats great until I have a change in manager so asked for it to be formalised in a workplace adjustments passport. Do you have one of those?

Hopefully someone in the org will start asking questions about the increase in sick leave.

You could try ACAS for advice too. They’ll be able to tell you your rights.

Whatever you decide to do best of luck & I hope it settles down again for you.

Best wishes


Thank you all for your wise words. I am waiting for an Occupational Health appointment, which will be in April as they are busy. I will ask for a workplace adjustments passport as then it is in writing.
I work for the NHS, in Safeguarding Children. Whilst there is no financial loss to the company, the loss of a robust safeguarding children team is huge to the health and well being of vulnerable children and families. I think HR would be a good idea as well. I was thinking I may need union representation as well.
Such a hassle to have to deal with all of this. My fatigue is dreadful at the moment.
Thank you all for your advice and support. You all understand and I appreciate the support. I am sure things will workout eventually.
Once again I am angry at the stroke for taking over my life and making things challenging for me.
Enough venting.
Thank you all so much!!


Union representation is a very good idea.

Good luck & I hope it all settles so you can get back to doing the job you love without the additional pressures.

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