Hiya I'm struggling to find my words does anyone else have this problem? 

Dear Helen

It is very common to have trouble with words. In respect of finding words, it eased a bit within six months, eased a lot within eighteen months and has gotten quite OK now. Not perfect, but OK. Keep resting. Sleep well. Hydrate. Avoid stress. Try to relax.

Welcome to the forum. Do tell us what your diagnosis has been and when the stroke bit you. Lots of us are willing to share our experiences. I learnt so much from others on this forum.

Best wishes




Yes I’m afraid so. I can’t speak but words in my head are fine.....it when I open my mouth words fail me. I am taken speech 

I also have right side physical difficulty....one word about that. The hospital was wrong they said I couldn’t do it.....might as well hang it up. I am here to tell you 11days afterwards I was up and on my feet. And I’m taking physio for my arm which new nerves are being rerouted 

Yay!  Go Girl !!

NEVER give up xx

I know exactly how you feel, I can have a fantastic conversation in my head, but as soon as I attempt to actually speak everything disappears including what I was about to say!.....I used to hate it when my daughter would txt me from upstairs but now my best conversations are via txt message so we have spent many an evening txting each other while sat in the same room. I had my stroke in June 2018 so I’m really hoping I get better with speech over time laugh

Yes! I finds it helps to prepare your answer in your head and then speak. I often read aloud, when I am alone, to practice speaking.Good luck and keep speaking! ?

If we could communicate by telepathy life would be fine and no one  would know I had aphasia. It is not until I try to get the words out there is a problem.

Hi Norman - There's a flim called "What women want", the male lead actor suffers an accident which allows him to hear what women are thinking!!  It's quite hilarious in places, but telepathy has its limitations!! Be careful what you wish for!!  It's ok for me, I'm rarely thinking so I wouldn't mind you using telepathy on me!!

Take care xx

I find it hard to find words also or the wrong one will come out, my consultant said that this is because there's a hole in my brain! I try to find something in there and it's gone! I had my stroke in Sept 2018, aged 41. Right sided thalamic stroke x

I had a stroke in October 2018 as a side effect of emergency heart surgery, I'm 49 and it happened on my birthday .most of the symptoms are greatly improved but I do have trouble finding the right word ,and sometimes it takes a while to remember something e.g. a name or something x

I guess this will improve too Nicola, I had a facial weakness which has now gone so feel very lucky. Turns out I have a hole in my heart. Wish you all the best Nicola xx

Dear Dizzy and Nicola

You are qute right, there is indeed a hole in your head, or perhaps more relevant a dead bit in your brain. The brain will repair some of the damage but not all of it. The bit it cant repair, the clever brain will work out alternative routes and use them. THis may go on for about two years. Most will happen in the first three months but plenty will be going on for  two years. The medical term is neuro plasticity.

So we will indeed forget things that are either older data that has been wiped or newer data that will not store. I have found things are easier as the time ticks by. This is similar to normal ageing but a bit sudden. I can tell which is old age (the data will come if given enough time and reminders) and which is stroke damage (its not coming no matter what I do). You are both early days. Your brains are working overtime trying to repair or rewire. Brain does not feel pain. It needs extra water but doesnt have any way of telling you. So drink lots and lots of extra water, (I hate this). Your brain also wants some respite from its daily duties, so it makes you tired. Or I prefer to say it makes you fatigued because tired doesnt really cover it.

Best wishes


Thank you very much Colin, that makes alot of sense. I forgot my bank pin one day, sat in the car for 30 mins it wouldn't come back to me, rang my fiance so he could tell me and it felt I'd never heard it before x