Wordle. How difficult for you?

Has anyone tried the “Wordle” puzzle? As a stroke survivor I thought it could possibly help me. I am really struggling with the early stages. lilian


Hi Lilian, My wife introduced me to Wordle about a week ago and now I’m hooked!
It is really good for testing those brain cells. My tip would be to try using a word with at least 2 vowels as your starting word such as Great or Point.
This should hopefully mean you will get 1 or 2 letters.
What I really like about the game is that there is only 1 word per day so you don’t end up overdoing things.
If you have any other questions let me know.:grinning:


Hi Lilian @l_platt - I’ve been doing it for a few weeks now. My sister, brother-in-law and cousin all play and we each share our ‘score’. It’s been quite competitive!
The advice given by @Ingo66 to use a word with a couple of vowels and some commonly used consonants is spot on. From there I then use the ‘qwerty’ grid at the bottom of the screen and try to work out what letters I can still use. Some days are easier than others but a lot depends on your initial word and how close it is to the solution.
I believe there are millions of people now playing worldwide. Great fun and good to keep the brain cells active.
Good luck!

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Lilian–there’s a free ap called Lumosity. It is designed for improving brain functioning. After you download it and go there, it will ask you what sorts of things you want to improve on. Check all the boxes because then you will get a lot more samples. The site will provide you sample exercises that you can use every day and as often as you want. They are games, and fun to do. They will keep tabs on how you improve and let you know. They will offer you their special membership, in which they will provide a lot more games and activities. But that has a small monthly fee. I never did that, but just kept using the free games they gave me at first. I did find that I improved in all categories, including speed. :heart: Jeanne


Hi Lilian, I’ve just started doing these in the last couple of days. Be warned - they are addictive !

The thing that throws me is when you have a repeat letter - as it doesn’t indicate that this is the case.

You could have the letter ‘T’ in green or yellow - showing it is present within the word - but it doesn’t say how many times. So you can’t then discount it completely.

Happy Wordling…that’s not even a word !! LOL :laughing:

Best Wishes, Karen

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Yes, I occasionally have a go at Wordle, it’s good for deduction logic. I also like Brain HQ, which has free exercises one per day. These are designed for stroke survivors.

Lilian, you have now got me hooked. Always start with a word with more than one vowel in. I don’t think it matters if you are wrong. You’re exercising your brain cells.

Hi John. Good to see you have become involved with the word game. It certainly makes you think. Lilian

Rups. I have looked at the site you suggested and have found it very interesting. Thank you. Lilian