Wild mushroom deep-fill toasties

Last night for supper, I had wild mushroom deep-fill toasties and a mug of soup. I took a photo of the mushrooms I had foraged that day, I was wondering if anyone can guess what varieties I got …



It looks a very colouful arrangement!

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I’ve no idea but looks a mushroom lovers dream :grin::grin:

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Sorry to be pedantic Rups but they are all species. At present my iPad colours up creek or my eyes but would have liked to have had a go

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Aye! They are oyster mushrooms, one of my favourites. They are often found in Tesco’s Finest Exotic Mushroom Selection.

Okay, here are all the types of mushrooms I picked the other day … Orange Birch Bolete (far left), Birch Bolete (far right), Oyster Mushroom (front), Hedgehog Mushroom (in the middle), Chanterelle (right at the back, a bit hard to see), Butter Bolete (upper right with streak of blue), Penny Bun or Porcini (upper back right), Common Puffball (one visible to the left).

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Never found hedgehog fungi ate most Boletus but the one I enjoyed finding under conifers now and again was the brain fungus, how very appropriate and unlike other fungi would keep in fridge in poly bag for 10 days without deterioration, great mixed in with pasta

I have never found brain fungi, it is on my mental list to keep an eye out for. Hedgehog fungi can be found in the vicinity of spruce, pine, birch and beech. They nest in mossy areas and are the only fungi to have spikes instead of gills, so are a rather safe mushroom to identify. They are delicious.

Hello @Rups. These look amazing, can only imagine the smell of them sauteed in butter, Julia x

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Had some this morning with my full Welsh breakfast …