Wiki guidance thoughts for welcome topic

[[edit - I’ve made the support groups list posts a wiki too. & I’ve added the best of the best wiki, & now others linked back to here
See the end of this post]]

the welcome post

I’m writing two posts at once, almost. This one first cos I need the link to it for the other one. The other one is a wiki post. It’s >>>here<<<

The wiki post ( Which means anybody on the ‘basic trust level’ or beyond -can edit it) Is a generic “hello sorry you’ve occasion to join us and are in a confused disoriented anxiety laden state in a new and alien landscape. Here are the things that we as a community wish we’d had information on in the early days.”

I’m proposing we jointly create a welcome post because we keep writing the same content for everybody who joins and I think that’s entirely appropriate but it’s very hit and miss whether we get all the information in so let’s put the generic stuff in one place and then personalise for the individual circumstances with a reference back to the collected wisdom of the crowd :slight_smile:

I encourage everybody to contribute so it is improved. If you wish to contribute to the wiki post then you’re very welcome to, clarifications expansions and new perspectives will make it better, improving it for all. I further suggest put your name in it as a contributor at the end

I think some guidelines are called for. What I’ve proposed below is a straw man not an edict, so will benefit from other people’s ideas of refinement or additions too

  • I think our aim should be to have a broadly encompassing but also short initial introduction with details off-loaded to other sections or linked replies.
  • Make changes that add value not delete. Before deleting somebody else’s words or radically altering anything then post here as a discussion prior to overwriting something that someone else had put care love and attention into and earnestly thought that they had expressed well

I don’t know but I think that’s about it ?

I’ve made the two support group posts into a wiki. I’m aware that some of the links originally posted of since stopped working because the target site has disappeared or moved I’m also aware that the list wasn’t complete.

The OP (Original / Opening Post) for the thread is Support Groups for Anne & anybody else 1of2

Please feel free to add support groups you know of in a suitable location :slight_smile:

our best posts wiki

I suggest a format of a link followed by a reason why it’s included or background & I suggest to you add your ID as the person who contributed it - not authored the original but selected the original to be in our best of the best list.
I further suggest that as the number of contributions grows that they be grouped with headings for example uplifting or fatigue or pain management or sleep management but let’s see how the list of post grows before establishing categories

the How-To post

This one is the hardest to edit!
It has nested ‘Drop Downs’
If you know what you’re doing then go ahead and do it. If you’re not sure then don’t press ahead but talk first via a private message or a public post