Why work treating me so poorly

Now after three months back doing soft works first doing six hours then in December doing eight now in March they want me to do 12 there pushing me they want to change my contract to there rubbish new one I don’t want I don’t know where to turn I know the doctor will side with my employer my hr is all business sadly my well being is out the window 14 years no sick means nothing I’m gutted

Speak to your union if you are a member. They will give you advice, can represent you and accompany you to meetings with the company.

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Thank you very much yes my company I work for dont like us doing that really if I had the money I’d get a solicitor

Talking to my sister this morning she said Acas too trying to get my gp to help as my employer are stressing me out now as well thank you for replying

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@HarDKnocK19 sorry to hear you’re having trouble with your employer.

As others have said get some advice from ACAS & whether your employer likes it or not if you have a TU Rep get them to support you.

Seek advice before agreeing to anything.

Best of luck.


You don’t say if you work for a big company or a tiny one and if its prospering or struggling or if it’s privately or publicly or public sector owned.
That will affect what they can do. What they are willing to do will also be affected by the personalities involved. Generally productive cooperation happens more if the atmosphere is everyone is friendly and non confrontational. That might suggest who to try to get to champion your cause? A quiet word with a few influencers may be most effective. Confrontation from any sources trends to escalate the whole process to the statutory minimums & without good grace which is probably the worst outcomes for all. Acas are definitely a port to call at. Citizen advice also.
Any no win no fee legal will take a large slice of any award and they will only help if they assess that you’ve a very strong case. the process of evaluating your case will be useful to you to decide if you have a realistic chance at legal, otherwise it is all dependant on moral and compassionate ‘duty’ that your employer feels for you . There is a list of specialist legal firms on ukabif web

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I had an occupational therapist as part of my post stroke care. She did a back to work report for me which I shared with my employer. I found it helped me to communicate the issues I experienced and it contained recommendations to make life easier for me.


Yeah I spoke to a gp via telephone as I’d like my gp to put down in writing there pressuring me to ho to 12 hours which I’m not up for yet I think they will ask me to go to occupational health again