Why do I keep crying?

Went to bed last night feeling ok.  Woke up at 2 am worried about anything and everything.  Finished up getting up and going down stairs at 4am. I been up ever since.  I tried to keep busy doing stuff to keep my mind occupied. It's worked most of the time but the last hour all I can do is cry. My husband doesn't have a clue how to help. I'm already worried about tonight.

Any ideas and tips to help?

Hi Kay, try writing your worries down when you wake if you can or record them on your Phone. If you can't sleep get up and do a boring house task if you can manage that and try again. Don't beet yourself up about not sleeping. My personally not stroke related have suffered badly with sleep due to ptsd. I've found this works for me now...and if I can't sleep I do a task that way it's a postive not a negative that I haven't. Your doing well keep hold of that thought. If you have a iPhone try downloading relaxing music that might help sooth the mind I do find that helps. Told my dad re music and it works for him to. It's  my dad who has suffered a major stroke back in may he is finding he sleeps a bit better now hope that's helps xxx

Thank you! It's amazing when people who you don't know take time to offer support and help. I'll use some of your suggestions ASAP 

A month ago I got up.at 2am and went back downstairs.  Here we are again.  At least I'm not crying like last time. Just feeling anxious. Hopefully tomorrow or later today will be another day and I can move forward. 


I know exactly what you mean. I don’t feel as anxious as I did just feel pretty hopeless and tearful. I think we have to remind ourselves it’s a symptom of the stroke and know that things do get better. I always find the mornings hard to deal with but as the day goes on they seem to go away and I feel more back to normal if that makes sense. I had a real meltdown yesterday morning over a building society letter I didn’t recognise and it ruined the day for us both. Today although I didn’t sleep that well I feel much more settled. There will be someone on here who can explain why this happens. 

Heres hoping we both have a better day today.


Thank you! For the support and understanding.  It's the unpredictably of it that gets to me. As you say this morning is a fresh start.  A little tired one! !! Hope you have a good day! x

I know what you mean. It just seems to come from nowhere. I find I sometimes get upset when I hear music I used to listen to - not sad music just something I haven’t heard in a while. It’s so strange today radio 2 has launched a Bruce Springsteen competition and has been playing different tracks, I’ve cried at every one, maybe it’s the effects from yesterday still. Oh well time I was in the shower and ready for the day.

 It feels a bit cold here today but we are still going out, I find a walk lifts my spirits. Hope you have a good day today whatever you decide to do.


I have to careful with the tv programmes I wathink on these days . Deep joy! Anything sad and off I go. I go to sleep listening to audio books same thing also if there's any adventure! !!!

That seems to only leave me with Jeeves and Wooster or Pride and Prejudice.  

Off to the hospital this morning I have a small ulcer on my affected foot.  Fingers crossed it will be healed and I can go back to the gym. 

Happy walking ?????


Oh I hope everything is ok with your foot, it’s just something else for you to worry about. 

Ive never thought about using audio books, I was a great reader before the stroke but can’t seem to get interested now, think it’s a memory issue.

i also have to be careful with TV programmes, children in need will be out this year I’ll end up in tears all the way through otherwise.

Hope you’re appointment goes ok .??


I highly recommend the Laurel and Hardy box set. Tears of laughter!

Thanks for the tip.  I'll look out for them.

Hope your appointment was ok today. Are you able to get back to the gym now? I think exercise is very good for lifting your mood.

Hope you feel a bit better than you did this morning. I’m much better now I’ve been out for a walk and some lunch. I think the emotionality is really hard to get used to I don’t feel I have much control over it yet. I know I’m not sleeping as well as I usually do so maybe that is having some effect. 

No great plans for tomorrow but hopefully a good day with no tears.


Hi Ann, 

Foot healed but no gym for one more week. I continue to do all the  excercises for my arm and seated exercises for my leg.  

Today I went to my office and chatted with my colleagues.  I was fantastic to walk into the office after 8 months.  Just sitting at my desk felt great. 

Only plan for tomorrow is to chase my GP for my overdue sick certificate. 


Fingers crossed we both a better night and no tears tomorrow.  




The right amount of sleep is so important for our poorly brains.

My rule is that if I am still awake one hour after going to bed, then I take myself "downstairs" , make up a comfy place on the settee and watch TV. Often TV I have recorded. That always works for me. So if I sleep on the settee its OK. If I awake feeling very drowsy I go to my bed, or just turn off TV and sleep.

Have to admit I will sometimes have a small whisky as I find that calms down any thoughts rushing around my brain.

And I make myself have a big grin. Underestimated treatment, a smile.

I have worked very hard at the sleep thing. I realize I need 7.5hrs sleep and if I need to, I will sleep on to achieve it. Regular time of retiring helps.

My "downstairs" is the lounge, as we live in a bungalow. Whisky is optional; sherry would work.

The anxiety is a real pain isnt it. I go to group relaxation classes and that helps me a lot. 

best wishes


Laurel & Hardy - The Collection (21-disc Box Set) [DVD] https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B0001K2KE8/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_taa_.aE4Bb9P8AAXG


I vastly underestimated how hard fatigue hits. When I returned to work, I tried too hard to act as if everything was ok, but paid for it by being exhausted when I got home. I got caught in a daily battle: the more fatigued I got, the harder I worked! Totally the wrong thing to do.

I don't mean to promote Amazon, but that's the best price I have seen the box set.

Good advice and tips as always. 

I'm seeing a psychologist on the 12th.  Hopefully she'll have some stategies to help me on the bad days

With some luck a good night for us all tonight.   

Hi Kay - the sleep problems are a real pain post-stroke, they don't seem to be like 'normal' sleeplessness.  I tried thinking about Brexit, but that gave me the screaming abdabs ?.  I seem to be really aware when my husband is struggling for sleep, and feel so helpless as I can't help him - there's nothing another person can do, so it makes it a very lonely place to be.  

The great thing is, you've had lots of suggestions, and you're going to try them out, surely something will be right for you, I really hope so.  I once tried some hypnosis but that gave me weird, scary dreams, so I decided I'd rather be awake!  I wonder if the sleeping patterns are just that  - patterns, and this time will pass, and your sleep will improve??  So, hopefully this has bored you into blissful sleep - ssshhhh night night ??