Who's a SA Volunteer?

:wave: hello

I am wondering…

Who here it’s a ‘volunteer’ for the Stroke Association’s services… like:

Here For You, or
a Community Connector / ‘Engagement team volunteer’, or
the Involvement Network, or
part of the Stroke Group Network…

…and so has been police vetted, maybe also trained in topics like safeguarding, the SA requirements for GDPR, etc?

It cannot just be Lea & I :slight_smile:


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Maybe you should enlighten us Simon?

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That’s ONE way :slight_smile:
@Bobbi are you enrolled in any of the ways?

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Hello Simon. @SimonInEdinburgh. Good for you getting involved. I did look into it and was sent an application but was put off by the need for the vetting-I am reluctant to further pester people to act as referees as I am not employed, have a non existent relationship with my last employer as I was injured at work, and have already used my limited contacts for other volunteering opportunities.
I get the need for vetting but am not prepared to ask for more favours from people who have better things to do. I have been CRB checked countless times in my working career and have nothing to hide.
Good luck with it all, Julia x

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Since my stroke five years ago, I’ve been involved in various ways.

I’ve done several ‘voice of the patient’ things, been involved in research and been a Here For You volunteer. My favourite volunteering was delivering the education sessions at Moving Forward After Stroke, a rehab course which I did after my stroke and found very beneficial. Sadly, the funding is no longer available to deliver them. Following on from that I’ve worked locally with people referred by the SA to gym sessions run for people with health conditions.

Having said all that, my DBS certificate has recently expired. I’m not currently in a position to commit to any volunteering as my partner has been unwell for the last few months and is awaiting cardiac surgery. We’ve had to cancel quite a lot of commitments recently so I don’t want to add to them. My intention is to return to it once he’s sorted out.

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